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 Nevada, Gilpin County Colorado 1871

Nevada is one of the mountain mining camps of Gilpin County, and adjoins Central on the west. Traversing the surrounding mountains are some of the richest and best developed gold mines in the Territory. Many of these reach the borders of the town, and shaft-houses, inclosing hoisting machinery, form a part of the structures that make up this important mining centre. Like its neighbors. Central and Black Hawk, it was first settled in 1859, by miners and prospectors, who, with mill-men, still form the largest portion of its inhabitants. Read more Nevada Colorado Gazetteer or Nevada Colorado Business Directory

Nevada is located in a small valley nearly surrounded by mountains. The chief of these, Bald Mountain, is among the highest of the foot-hill range. The valley, like those adjoining, was formerly gulch diggings, and has yielded largely in gold.

Mills for the reduction of ores are numerous. Nevada is next to Black Hawk in importance as a milling town; but this is fully noticed elsewhere. Perhaps no town in the mountains or the Territory produces so largely in gold in proportion to its population, and still the great mineral wealth of its mines is not fully realized, nor will it be until reduction works, for the treatment of low grade ores, become a success in Colorado.

The society of Nevada is like that of all mining camps in the Territory, and the usual attention is paid to religious and moral observances. Altogether, this mountain town is prosperous, and its inhabitants rank among the first in the Territory in wealth and social position, and its surroundings are unusually beautiful and grand.

Nevada Colorado Gazetteer | Nevada Colorado Business Directory

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Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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