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 Nevada Colorado Business Directory 1871

Nevada is one of the mountain mining camps of Gilpin County, and adjoins Central on the west. Traversing the surrounding mountains are some of the richest and best developed gold mines in the Territory.  Like its neighbors. Central and Black Hawk, it was first settled in 1859, by miners and prospectors, who, with mill-men, still form the largest portion of its inhabitants. Read more Nevada Colorado History or Nevada Colorado Gazetteer


Ratliff J. W.


Henderson Jacob, Main
Moses Chris, Main
Nolen M. Main
Wirth Geo. Main


Ernst Joseph, Main
Henshall R. M.


Kelly M. Main
Littleton John
O'Neil Edward, Main
Southworth D. L. Kenoshe
Sterling Sam'l, Main
Stanton J. A. Main

Blacksmith and Wagon Repairing Shop

Sherick W. AV., E. Nevada

Boarding Houses

Bartle John, E. Nevada
McKibben Patrick, s. side
Rice Mrs. A. H.


Grow W. J. Kenoshe
Pomeroy Fred, Main
Shanston John, Main
Shanston P. G. Main
Smith James, High


Albro O. M. Main
Combs Robt.
Hood Robt.
Kelly J. T.
Murray M. D. Kenoshe
Mowson W. T. Kenoshe
Sparks John, High
Williams Richard, Middle Nevada

Commission Merchant

Thomas J. W. Main


Clark Wm. Middle Nevada
Collins James, High
Davis T. R. Main
Finley W. M.
Finley Wm. Main
Henry Harry, Main
Hooker J. M. Main
Haymor D. Kenoshe
Iddings Frank
Miller E. F. High
McClure Sam'l. Kenoshe
McCahey James
Standish Martin, High

General Merchants

Hattenbach M. Main
McLaughlin M. Main
Sands Isaac, Main
Stalker T. B. Main
Scanlan James, Main


Bitzenhofer Andrew, E. Nevada


Haskins Henry, Main
Shultz Wm.


Anderson Charles, Main


Bamberg C.
Lewis W. J. High
Miles Thos. Main
Uren J. H.
Young Eli, Main


Beverly J. M.
Clayton J. W.
Hardesty Thos. W., E. Nevada
Hardesty John, E. Nevada
Holly Hiram
Potter W. T.
White John, East Nevada
Wheeler Theo.
Watterman B. C.
Watterman Herbert

Mining Operators

Bradley G. L.
Clark James, Middle Nevada
Freeman Chandler, Russell gulch
Gilbert H. B.
Pease B. E.
Sullivan Dennis, Main
Whitcomb Truman


McGuire M. Main


Baker Geo. H., E. Nevada


Gunther Gus, Main


Gillispie James
Redman Michael, Main


Brown M. Main
Dingle Adam, Main
Malone Martin, Main


Hagar Chas. Main
Sears Nathan A. Kenoshe

Tobacco and Cigars (Dealers in)

Bitzenhofer Andrew, E. Nevada

Wines and Liquors (Dealers in)

Bitzenhofer Andrew, E. Nevada

Nevada Colorado History | Nevada Colorado Gazetteer

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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