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 Central Colorado Gazetteer Surnames A ~ Z

Central is the business centre of the gold mining districts of Gilpin County, its principal city and county seat, and the most populous of the mountain cities of Colorado. It is located in the central part of the county, in a portion of the valley of a tributary of North Clear creek, Gregory gulch, also in two other gulches, Spring and Eureka, and on the slopes of surrounding mountains. Read more Central History or Central Business Directory


Abbott J. C. miner, Third
Adams Jasper, miner, Eureka
Adams Erwin, miner, P. O. Central
A'Duddell Robt. Surgeon, office, Main
Ainsworth C. W. miner, P. O. Central
Aitcheson John, jeweler and watchmaker, corner Main and Eureka
Aitcheson William, manufacture and dealer in jewelry, corner Main and Eureka
Alston John, fruit dealer, Nevada
Alger Frank, millman, P. O. Central
Allen Oscar, miner, Nevada
Altwater Henry, plasterer, Gregory
Ambrose W. M. miner. Eureka
Ambrose William, miner, P. O. Central
Anderson James, miner. Spring
Anderson John, machinist. Eureka
Annear William J. miner, P. O. Central
Andrews Richard, miner, P. O. Central
Applebury F. F. miner. Eureka
Armstrong L. M. butcher, and dealer in valley produce, Main
Arden Joseph, miner, P. O. Central
Arkush S. proprietor New York store, dry goods, etc. Main
Arnold William A. receiver, land office. Eureka
Ashbury Charles, miner, Eureka
Arthur Joseph, miner, P. O. Central
Ashman George, miner, P. O. Central
Atkins H. H. mining operator, St. James


Bacharach Solomon, clerk. Main
Bailey Jacob, miner, Nevada
Baker G. W. editor, Lawrence
Banty Daniel, ranchman, P. O. Central
Barney W. S. miner. Spruce
Barclay & Company contractors and builders. Eureka
Barclay W. J. contractor and builder, Eureka
Barclay P. F. contractor and builder, Eureka
Barnabi Robert, ranchman. High
Barnoloski L. miner, Spring
Barrett G. W. agent. Barrett Mining Company P. O. Central
Barnes David, wholesale and retail flour and feed. Main
Bartholomew Thomas, millman, P. O. Central
Barry Walter, miner, Gregory
Barhight Joseph, brickmason, Spring
Barrett Wesley, miner, P. O. Central
Barr Robert, miner, Lawrence
Baum L Temple of Fashion, Main
Bawocki Lawrence, saloonkeeper, Spring
Beach J. H. dentist, Van Deren's block. Main, agent. Wilson's sewing machines
Beard John C. grocer. High
Beeler D. T. engineer, P. O. Central
Beers Louis Y. physician, Gregory
Beach E. C. miner, Gregory
Beghley H. B. miner, Gregory
Bell William, miner, Casey Avenue
Belden ____, engineer, Eureka
Belton W. L miner. Eureka
Bennetts William, miner, Gregory
Berkley P. F. miner. Eureka
Bernhard J. miner, P. O. Central
Bermallick Wm. miner, Gregory
Best John, pharmacist. Main
Bishop H. G. miner. Eureka
Bisbee H. boot and shoemaker, Gregory
Binckley G. M. printer, P. O. Central
Black Philip, baker and grocer, Main
Black ____, grocer. Spring
Blair S. L miner, Lawrence
Bolston James, miner, Fifth
Bolthoff Henry, machinist. Eureka
Bourlear Henry, clerk, Connor House
Bowden John, miner, Gregory
Bowman J. miner, P. O. Central
Boyd Douglass, miner, P. O. Central
Brastow Henry B. mill owner, Casey Nevada
Bradley G. L. mining agent, Lawrence
Brannon Edward, miner, P. O. Central
Branch George, blacksmith, Packard
Brewer G. W. miner, Lawrence
Briggs George W. miner, Gregory
Briggs John B. miner. Third
Bridger John, miner, Gregory
Brittain Isaac, miner, Gregory
Brodie John, miner, P. O. Central
Brown Thomas, miner, Eureka
Brockman John, boarding house, Gregory
Brown George, miner. Gregory
Drown Alexander K. sheriff, Gilpin County. Eureka
Buckman H. Mrs. Lawrence
Buel C. S. miner, St. James
Buell Bela S. banker, residence St. James
Buell S. A. stationer, Main
Bunch Horman, miner, P. O. Central
Burger Henry, miner, Eureka
Bull Frank, clerk, Main
Burlingame E. E. Professor, Territorial assayer, office, Lawrence
Burger Roland, miner, Eureka
Burns James, miner, Gregory
Burke William, miner, Gregory
Burger Fred, miner, Gregory
Burkhard John, miner, Pine
Burnell S. miner, Spring
Bunny Robert, miner, Packard
Burnham E. B. miner, Gregory
Burns Terrence, miner. Spring
Burgess J. miner, P. O. Central
Burpee Mat. miner, Casey Avenue
Burrell Henry, clerk, Main
Burrell James, notary public. Main
Butler William, miner, Casey Avenue
Butler Hugh, lawyer, Main


Cameron Robt. shoemaker, Main
Cameron Alex, miner. Pine
Cameron Daniel, miner, P. O. Central
Campbell H. A. miner, Nevada
Campbell Thomas J. editor and proprietor Herald, Spring
Calloway W. F. miner. Eureka
Cassels John, baker and confectioner, Main
Cassidy Robert, miner, Packard
Carrol Morris, miner, Gregory
Carstens Alex, saloon, Turner Hall, Gregory
Casey Michael, miner, Gregory
Cascaden David, mason, P. O. Central
Cash Robert, Cash's Reduction Works, P. O. Central
Cash James, Cash's Reduction Works, P. O. Central
Cave Joseph, miner, Lawrence
Caze William, miner, Gregory
Champion Hugh, miner, Lawrence
Champion B. miner, Lawrence
Champion Thomas, miner, Lawrence
Chase L. W. tobacconist, Main
Chase W. D. Rev. Methodist clergyman. High
Chacksfield John, miner, Eureka
Charpiot J. restaurant, Lawrence
Chattilon Henry, miner. Eureka
Clark James, miner, P. O. Central
Clark George, clerk, Main
Clark Joseph, miner, P. O. Central
Cleveland John R. county clerk, Third
Cozens Wm. L. miner, residence Fourth
Cochrin T. J. miner, Casey Avenue
Cochran Daniel J. laborer, Casey Avenue
Cochran John, miner and ranchman, P. O. Central
Cody M. E. Mrs. dry goods and millinery, Main
Collier D. C. editor and proprietor Register, High
Cole W. A. miner. Main
Collins Thos. in charge Colorado Stage Company stock. Eureka
Collins John, miner, Eureka
Conly Thomas, hostler, Lawrence
Connor Waller O. miner and ranchman, P. O. Central
Comfort Moses, speculator. Lawrence
Cook William, ranchman, P. O. Central
Copeland J. B. miner, P. O. Central
Cook E. speculator, Lawrence
Cook Samuel, miner. Eureka
Cornforth James T. merchant, P. O. Central
Corwin Wm. printer, Register office
Coulson H. C, agent. Main
Coutts William, miner, Gregory
Craze William, miner, Gregory
Crohn Th. Temple of Fashion, Main
Crohn M. Temple of Fashion, Main
Critchet W. carpenter. High
Crane L. R. stationer. Main
Cromer Nicholas, saloon and billiard hall. Main
Crotti John, miner, Gregory
Crees J. W. carpenter. Eureka
Crown Margaret Mrs. Gregory
Currier Geo. W. capitalist, Lawrence
Curtis Ralph, miner, Gregory
Cushman Samuel, editor Register, High
Cudehay Edward, miner, Gregory


Dale Lizzie Mrs. residence Third
Daly James, miner, P. O. Central
Dann Peter, miner, Eureka
Darlington W. T. engineer, Spring
Davids William, miner, Gregory
Day Albert, clerk, Main
Day John, gunsmith, residence Nevada
Davis L. Mrs. boarding, Spring
Davis Samuel, farmer, Spring
Davis R. miner, Lawrence
Davis Albert, miner, Lawrence
Davis Leander, miner, Spring
Davey Richard, miner, P. O. Central
Daugherty Edward, miner, P. O. Central
Decker Charles, miner, Casey Avenue
De Emmett _____, miner, P. O. Central
Deits John, saloonkeeper, Gregory
Delany John, miner, Spring
Depis M. J. miner, P. O. Central
Dickinson S. F. Rev. Congregational clergyman, Third
Dillon Ann Mrs. Lawrence
Dimmery John, ladies' and gents' hair dresser and barber, Main
Dinners Samuel, miner, Lawrence
Ditrick George, miner, P. O. Central
Dixon Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Dixon Michael, miner, Eureka
Dobson Henry R. barkeeper, Main
Dobson William, miner, Lawrence
Dodge Henry, miner. Main
Dolen Edward, miner, Nevada
Dostal & Bro. butchers and provision dealers, wholesale and retail, Main and Spring
Dostal J. O. butcher. Main
Dostal J. F. butcher, Main
Dostal J. W. Miss, P. O. Central
Donelly George, miner, P. O. Central
Douglas Lewis J. millman, Spring
Dougherty Peter, miner, Gregory
Doyle Patrick, miner, Gregory
Doyle James, saloonkeeper, residence Spring
Doyle Pierce, miner, P. O. Central
Driver William, miner, P. O. Central
Dunham Henry, barber. Main
Duncan John, miner, P. O. Central
Dunnigan P. H. miner, P. O. Central
Dunn Thomas, miner, Eureka
Dwen Ed. L. engineer, Spring


Eagan Thomas, miner, Gregory
Ede John, miner, Gregory
Edloff Abel, miner, Gregory
Edmmson W. physician and surgeon, office, corner Main and Eureka
Edward Nat. deputy sheriff, P O. Central, or Caribou, G. I. D. B. C.
Edwards Richard, miner, Gregory
Ellerbeck Fred, cabinetmaker, Fourth
Elliot Conrad, miner, P. O. Central
Elliot John, miner, Gregory
Ellis W. T. Dr. druggist. Main
Elsam John, miner, P. O. Central
Engeskirchen H. brewer, Main
Ennis Lawrence, miner, P. O. Central
Ernest Daniel, barber. Main, residence Pine
Eustis Bartholomew, miner, Gregory
Evans David, miner. Spring
Evans M. F. miner, Spring
Ewers James, miner, Nevada


Faulding Josiah, miner, P. O. Central
Fisher James, miner, P. O. Central
Fisher James, engineer, Lawrence
Flanagan L. miner, Lawrence
Flood John, foreman Lexington mills, P. O. Central
Fohey Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Fohey Richard, miner, P. O. Central
Folster Theo. miner, Gregory
Fossett Frank, editor, Colorado Herald, Spring
Fowley Richard, miner, P. O. Central
France Mrs. Gregory
Franks J. C. miner, Spring
Freas L. M. dealer in general merchandise, Lawrence
French J. W. miner, P. O. Central
Freeman John, blacksmith, P. O. Central
Freeman Austin, wood dealer and miner, P. O. Central
Freeman W. H. miner, Packard
Fritz Edward, stock raiser. Gregory
Froggatt E. blacksmith, Gregory
Fry George, miner, P. O. Central
Fry Thomas, miner. High
Furnald Alonzo, druggist, Casey Avenue


Galer Joseph, miner, Gregory
Ganson W. H. ranchman, P. 0. Central
Gardner D. W. carpenter. Eureka
Garry John, miner, Lawrence
Gastange D. miner, P. O. Central
Gearhart George, jeweler, Nevada
Gebhard Henry, butcher. Spring
George Joseph, miner. Lawrence
Gibson Nellie Mrs. Spring
Giddings E. J. agent Northwestern Life Insurance Company, Lawrence
Gilbert Edward, miner, Third
Ginn John M. attorney at law and police judge, office, Main, residence Eureka
Gleig Peter S. machinist, Lawrence
Glendimen J. Y. painter, shop, Lawrence, residence High
Goeize H. miner, P. O. Central
Goldsmith Thomas, miner, Lawrence
Good Adam, Rocky Mountain Brewery, Eureka
Goldman E. merchant, residence High
Goodall Anthony, laborer, High
Goodfellow A. E. waterman, Lawrence
Gorgensen John, miner, Spring
Govsoline W. R. lawyer. Main
Goss E. F. miner, Gregory
Grant James R. blacksmith. Spring
Grant John, carpenter, Bridge
Grant D. E. miner. Spring
Gray John, miner. Eureka
Grannis Henry, notary public, residence Pine
Greenlee James, miner, Eureka


Haben John, hostler, P. O. Central
Hach Frank, miner, Gregory
Hafer J. B. miner. Spring
Hahn S. B. lawyer, Lawrence
Hall Moses, laborer. Eureka
Hambly Thomas, blacksmith, Eureka
Hambly James, miner, Lawrence
Hambly Ed. miner, Packard
Hambly William, miner, Lawrence
Hammond Wm. O. miner, P. O. Central
Hank Jacob, miner, Eureka
Hanchett Ed. miner, P. O. Central
Hannah Wm. miner, Lawrence
Hansen Andrew, miner, Lawrence
Hanscome L. carpenter and builder, Gregory
Harington H. miner, Lawrence
Harington Con. miner, P. O. Central
Harington J. miner, P. O. Central
Harlow J. F. patternmaker, Casey Avenue
Harmon Lewis, miner, St. James
Harper W. H. merchant, P. O. Central
Hard Cyrus, mill owner, Main
Hart & Schlessinger, manufactures and dealers in lumber, sash, blinds, doors, shingles, etc. Gregory
Hart David F. lumber dealer, Gregory
Hart William, miner, P. O. Central
Haskell N. D. miner, Eureka
Haston George, miner, P. O. Central
Harvey Richard, carpenter, P. O. Central
Harvey Christ, miner, P. O. Central
Hatch John, jeweler, r. High
Hathaway C. G. clerk, court, P. O. Central
Hawley H. J. merchant, residence Nevada
Hawley S. B. miner, P. O. Central
Hays Martin B. mining agent. Eureka
Hayward J. F. painter, Nevada
Hearna James J. miner, P. O. Central
Heiser Herman H. saddler and dealer in saddlery, harnesses, etc. Lawrence
Helme Asher, miner, Gregory
Henderson David, miner, P. O. Central
Henderson Joseph, miner. High
Hepburne Henry, miner, Packard
Henshaw Robert, barber. Main
Herrick W. W. miner. Eureka
Herrick Mrs. A. Eureka
Herrick H. A. miner. Eureka
Hern S. H. printer, P. O. Central
Hense J. H. jeweler, Main
Heustis A. J. miner, P. O. Central
Hickey W. H. miner, Gregory
Hickcox George, ranchman, P.O. Central
Higgins Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Hill Geo. civil engineer, P. O. Central
Hillary Chas. confectioner, Wain
Hill E. A. blacksmith, P. O. Central
Hilton S. W. miner, Casey Avenue
Himes James, miner, Prosser
Hines John, ranchman, P. O. Central
Hines Edward, miner, Gregory
Hinman John B. miner, Spring
Hines J. D. carpenter. Spring
Hinds B. S. miner. Spring
Hisart Frank, miner, Lawrence
Hite J. miner, Casey Avenue
Hocking Alfred, miner, Gregory
Hogan James, miner, Nevada
Hoffmaster Henry, butcher, Spring
Holmes James, tailor Main
Holmes John, miner. Main
Holmes Edgar, miner. Eureka
Holmes Isaac, laborer. Eureka
Hooper Thomas, brick maker, Spring
Hooper George, brick maker. Spring
Holcomb John, teamster. Eureka
Holstein, Benj. clothing dealer, Main
Hoskins Mrs. E. Lawrence
Humphrey S. W. millman. Eureka
Hurst Joseph, dealer in groceries, junction of Gregory and Lawrence
Huntd John, butcher. Eureka
Hutchinson James, miner, Gregory
Huston William, miner, P. O. Central


Jackson Alfred, ranchman, P. O. Central
Jacoby Rudolph, miner, P. O. Central
James James, miner, Gregory
James .William, miner, Lawrence
Jefferson William, City restaurant, Lawrence
Jeffry John, miner, P. O. Central
Jeffry William, miner, P. O. Central
Jenkins John P. miner, P. O. Central
Jenkins David, miner, Casey Avenue
Jennings _____, miner, P. O. Central
Johns Henry, miner, Lawrence
Johns Stephen, miner, Gregory
Johns W. H. miner, P. O. Central
Johns John H. policeman, Packard
Johnson Charles J. custom and merchant tailor, Main, near Fonda & Furnald's drug store
Johnson Charles, tailor, High
Johnson James, miner, P. O. Central
Johnson Charles A. brewer, P. O. Central
Johnson H. A. lawyer, Eureka
Johnson P. C. miner. Main
Jones William, saloonkeeper, Lawrence
Jones E. hair dressing and shaving saloon. Main
Jones Si Townsend, hair dressing and shaving saloon, Main
Jones A. H. city marshal, residence Nevada
Jones W. H. plasterer, P. O. Central
Jones R. H. carpenter, Lawrence
Jones Samuel, miner, Lawrence
Jones W. H. miner, P. O. Central
Jones Edwin, miner, Main
Jones C. miner, Nevada
Jones Robert, miner, P. O. Central
Jonson Charles, boot and shoe dealer. Main
Jordan John, miner, Gregory
Jurgens Jacob, Big Barn sale and feed stable, Gregory
Julbert Richard, miner, Third


Kafla Louis, miner. Main
Kanber W. S. miner, Eureka
Kearn John, miner, Lawrence
Keene F. miner, P. O. Central
Kelly Thomas, miner. Eureka
Kelly James, miner, Eureka
Kellet R. G. miner, Nevada
Kennedy William R. probate judge, office, Main, r. Lawrence
Kendall S. P. watchmaker, Main
Kerton M. miner, Lawrence
Kettron R. W. carpenter, P. (O. Central
Kid James, stock raiser, residence Gregory
Kieser Gotleib, miner, P. O. Central
Kiessig Charles, gunsmith and locksmith, Lawrence
Kimball J. C. clerk, Main
Kimball Gordon, clerk. Main
Kimber Charles, miner. Eureka
Kimber J. B. millman, Gregory
Kinney A. shoemaker. Main
King A. T. miner, P. O. Central
King James, miner, P. O. Central
King John, miner, P. O. Central
King John, miner, Lawrence
Kinzebeck John, miner, Nevada
Kippen George, carpenter, P. O. Central
Kirby Edward, miner. Spring
Kissinger Jacob, miner, Gregory
Kleins George J. miner, Gregory
Klepple Geo. miner. Main
Kneale Thomas, miner, Gregory
Koepel J. miner. Main
Kotfat Hynes, laborer, Nevada
Koroch William, miner, Nevada
Krug G. miner, P. O. Central
Kruse John, grocer's clerk, Gregory
Kruger William, barkeeper, Main
Kouse Peter, miner, P. O. Central
Kruse H. Jacob, dealer in groceries and provisions, miners' supplies, and bakery, Gregory
Kruse Brothers, dealers in groceries, provisions and miners' supplies, Gregory
Kruse H. J. grocer, Gregory
Kruse F. grocer, Gregory
Kruse Gustavus, grocer, Gregory
Kufed John, mechanic. Main
Kushter Fred, miner, P. O. Central


Lackey Samuel, miner. High
Lake & Hawley, dealers in staple and fancy groceries, corner Main and Bridge
Lake Benjamin, merchant, resident corner Main and Bridge
Lake William M. salesman, residence High
Lake David D. grocer, residence Eureka
Lake R. C. grocer, Main
La Haye George M. miner, P. O. Central
Lane Dennis, miner, Spring
Langden Patrick, saloon, Main
Larson Nelson, miner, P. O. Central
Larson Chris, miner, P. O. Central
Larkin John, millman, P. O. Central
Larry Edwin, miner, P. O. Central
Lartz Thomas, miner, Lawrence
Larnard Wm. powder agt. Lawrence
Laughran Enos, miner, Lawrence
Lavin Miss Nellie, dress and cloakmaker. Bridge
Lawrence Peter, shoemaker, Main
Layden P. saloonkeeper, residence Third
Leahy Marcus, miner, P. O. Central
Leahy John, miner, P. O. Central
Le Cavalier, J. E. miner, Lawrence
Lee Jeremiah, miner. High
Lee Thomas, laborer. Spring
Lee Jerry, miner. High
Leathers D. miner, Gregory
Leland Charles M. attorney at law, justice of the peace, and notary public, office, with probate judge. Main
Lemkahl William, proprietor City Brewery, Eureka
Lewis Oscar, livery stable, Lawrence
Linderman B. miner, Gregory
Lindsay John, miner, P. O. Central
Linsley William, miner, Casey Avenue
Linsley Taylor, miner, Casey Avenue
Liss John, miner, Spring
Livingston L. D. miner, Main
Lobach Israel, shoemaker, Main
Lodd W. B. miner, Spring
Logan Cyprus, miner, P. O. Central
Long W. H. mechanic. Pine
Long Benjamin, miner. Spring
Long Joseph, miner, Lawrence
Loring Charles, carpenter and builder, shop, Gregory, residence Eureka
Lorane Sylvester, miner, P. O. Central
Lorah S. J. clerk, residence Third
Lorenzen Peter, miner, Gregory
Loshbaugh C. E. miner, Pine
Loughran James, teamster, Gregory
Loughran John, miner, Gregory
Loughran Frank, miner, Lawrence
Loughran Hugh, miner, Lawrence
Lowring Edward, miner, Packard
Lugg Cyprus, miner, P. O. Central
Lucas William, miner, Lawrence
Lynn E. A. miner, Nevada
Lyon Cyrus A. miner, Nevada


Mabee George W. clerk, residence Lawrence
Machin Patrick, miner, P. O. Central
Mack Jacob, Rocky Mountain Brewery, Eureka
Mack M. brewer. Eureka
Madgean John, miner, P. O. Central
Maginnis Frank, miner, Lawrence
Maginnis John, miner, Lawrence
Maguire Thomas, butcher and provision dealer, Lawrence, residence Spring
Malone Aaron, engineer, Gregory
Manville J. S. D. miner. Eureka
Martin P. M. merchant, residence High
Martens Detlef, shoemaker, Gregory
Marcom James, miner, P. O. Central
Martin Wm. miner, Lawrence
Marlow D. printer. Register of Office
Marshall P. W. miner, Spring
Marsh W. H. clerk. Main
Mason Tilton, miner. High
Mason J. F. miner, High
Mathews Charles, millman, P. O. Central
Mather Charles W. miner, Gregory
Meagher Thomas, miner, Lawrence
Medley A. clerk, P. O. Central
Mensel Charles H. miner, Spring
Meller Samuel, millman, Lawrence
Merick Hiram, miner, Gregory
Merrill Amos H. ranchman, P. O. Central
Messinger F. C. printer, Pine
Meyers William, saloonkeeper, Lawrence, residence Nevada
Meyers Mary S. Mrs. Spring
Meyer J. miner. Main
Meyers Fred, miner, Gregory
Miller C. C. dealer in provisions and staple and fancy groceries, Gregory
Miller George D. miner, P. O. Central
Miller Samuel, miner, Lawrence
Miller J. R. miner, Bridge
Miller L. D. blacksmith, Nevada
Mills James, broker, Lawrence
Mitchell Edward, cook, Lawrence
Mitchell D. H. Rev. Presbyterian clergyman. Spring
Mitchell J. G. miner, Lawrence
Mellor George, miner, Lawrence
Moore M. K. carpenter and builder, Eureka
Morelle J. C. miner. Eureka
Morgan John R. blacksmith, P.O. Central
Morris John E. miner, Lawrence
Morris Robert, laborer, P. O. Central
Morrison W. H. miner. Eureka
Morrison S. B. miner. Main
Moyle John, miner, Lawrence
Morse H. B. lawyer. Eureka
Mullen Thomas, expressman, Lawrence
Mullen Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Mullin Patrick, miner, P. O. Central
Mullin Michael, miner, P. O. Central
Mummer D. S. miner, Nevada
Mundie Wm. miner, Spring
Murphy Joseph, salesman, Gregory
Murphy James, miner, Packard
Murphy John, miner, P. O. Central
McBride R. J. miner, Eureka
McCall & Lewis, Central Stables, livery, feed and sale, Lawrence
McCall N. H. Lawrence
McClusky Thomas F. miner, P. O. Central
McClusky John F. miner, P. O. Central
McFarland P. B. contractor and builder, Eureka
McFarland W. O. contractor and builder, Eureka
McFarland J. Peter, proprietor City restaurant, Lawrence
McGee James M. miner, P. O. Central
McGlothlin F. miner, P. O. Central
McGuise _____, miner, P. O. Central
McIntosh Thomas, miner, Gregory
McKinney Albert S. photographic artist, Main
McKennay D. H. laborer, P.O. Central
McLaughlin R. M. miner, P. O. Central
McLead Alex. D. miner, P. O. Central
McMarnara John, miner, Lawrence
McOmber Warren, miner. Eureka
McShane J. C, P. O. Central
McShane J. C. merchant, Nevada
McWithay ____, millman, Gregory
McWithey D. H. millman, Casey Avenue


Nagles William, miner, Eureka
Nash E. D. clerk, post office, residence Lawrence
Neeley J. D. miner, Lawrence
Neilson Matthew, baker and confectioner, Main
Neilson Peter, miner, P. O. Central
Neilson Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Neidalmier Joseph, carpenter. Eureka
Neidalmier Favre, carpenter. Eureka
Nelson Wm. H. millman, P. O. Central
Newton George, engineer, Prosser
Newman Aug. miner, Gregory
Newton H. U. miner, Gregory
Nicholson James, butcher and grocer, residence Spring
Nicholson Wm. provision dealer. Spring
Nicholson David, clerk. Spring
Nichols Foster, agent. Dupont Powder Company, Main
Nichols S. clerk. Main
Nichols William, miner, Lawrence
Northey John, miner, P. O. Central
Nosley Valentine, barkeeper, Main
Nossman L. T. miner, Gregory
Nuckols C. notary public, Lawrence


Oaklin Charles, miner, Main
Oats William, miner, P. O. Central
O'Brien Lawrence, miner P. O. Central
O'Connell T. miner. Spring
Ogden Richard, miner, P. O. Central
Ogden John, miner, P. O. Central
O'Donohugh H. miner, P. O. Central
Ohm J. miner. Main
Oldweiler Philip, miner. Spring
Oldham Robert, teamster, Gregory
O'Neil Constantine, blacksmith. Gregory
Opie John, miner, P. O. Central
Orbinson John, miner. Eureka
Oskins John, miner. Packard
O'Shea Thomas, blacksmith. Gregory
Otto C. miner. Main
Owen John Q. A. blacksmith, Eureka
Owens Alfred, agent. Pleasant Valley Gulch Mining Company P. O. Central
Owen N. D. miner. Spring
Owens William, miner, Spring


Palmeter H. C. miner. Gregory
Parent Sidney, millman, P. O. Central
Parker Robert, miner, High
Patten George A. proprietor Pioneer Express Line, Eureka
Paul Henry C. plasterer, P. O. Central
Patsey Conrad, miner, Spring
Parch George, miner. Spring
Pearpeart Michael, tailor, Main
Pearce Richard W. miner, Gregory
Pearce William, miner. Gregory
Pearce Henry, miner. P. O. Central
Pearce John, miner, Gregory
Pearce Emanuel, miner, Gregory
Pease B. F. mill owner, P. O. Central
Peart Edward, miner, P. O. Central
Peers O. B. merchant. Main
Perrigrrine .John I), surveyor. Main
Perry George, miner, P. O. Central
Peller Joseph, miner, Lawrence
Peller W. H. miner, Lawrence
Penberty R. H. miner, Gregory
Pflugbaut Joe, miner. Main
Phelps Gilbert, laborer. Spring
Phillips A. W. clerk, Eureka
Phillips Irving, miner, Lawrence
Pierce Alfred, blacksmith, Lawrence
Pierce Julius, miner. Main
Pike A. clerk, P. O. Central
Pippin James, miner, Main
Pitts J. W. prop, brewery, Central
Pippin Darius, miner, P. O. Central
Plumb F. M. speculator. High
Plumb J. B. printer, Register Office
Plumb Nelson, millman, P. O. Central
Pollock Thomas, miner, Gregory
Post C. C. lawyer, residence Eureka
Powell George, saloonkeeper, residence Pine
Power Roger F. machinist, Eureka
Poynter Henry, miner, Third
Pryan Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Price John H. engineer. High
Pugh George A. gentleman, residence Nevada
Putnam Paulina Mrs. boarding, Eureka
Pulglaze John, miner, Lawrence
Purmont C. S. miner. High


Queen John, miner, P. O. Central
Queen William, miner and ranchman, P. O. Central
Quigley E. D, agent for David Barnes, wholesale flour and feed, Main
Quinn Thomas, miner, P. O. Central


Randolph George E. mining agent, Lawrence
Raber Fred, miner, Lawrence
Raisch Dorick, miner, P. O. Central
Raverdy John B. Rev. Catholic priest. Central
Rank John M. miner, Lawrence
Ramsey J. B. miner. Third
Reamer John, miner, Gregory
Reed & McKinney, photographic rooms. Main
Reed William H. photographic artist. Main
Reed G. B. lawyer, Main
Reed Clinton, lawyer. Main
Reicharecker A. miner, Eureka
Reicord John, miner. Spring
Remine A. Mrs. boarding, Nevada
Raynolds J. O. agent. Hazard Powder Company Lawrence
Reynolds J. S. banker, Casey Avenue
Richardson Miss Sarah J. Nevada
Rich C. F. assistant postmaster, residence Nevada
Rickard Charles, miner, Packard
Richart Henry, butcher, Gregory
Richards William, miner, Lawrence
Richardson Peter, miner, P. O. Central
Richards C. F. miner, Gregory
Rickards J. M. miner, P. O. Central
Rice A. H. miner, Lawrence
Rice Catherine Mrs. P. O. Central
Ridgley J. G. miner. Third
Riley William, expressman. Eureka
Riley George W. miner, Spring
Roach Paul, miner. Spring
Robins Bart, miner, P. O. Central
Robinson J. S. miner. Spring
Roche Derrick, stableman, Eureka
Rock John, miner, Gregory
Rockwell L. C. attorney, residence and office, Lawrence
Rockwell D. W. miner, P. O. Central
Rockwell W. B. mining operator, Lawrence
Rodgers James, miner, P. O. Central
Rogers A. N. mining agent, Lawrence
Rogers J. H. mining agent. Third
Robbins Patrick, miner, P. O. Central
Ronier Peter, shoemaker. Main
Romer John, laborer, P. O. Central
Romer George, miner, Casey Avenue
Romer Theo. miner, Casey Avenue
Root M. H. contractor. Eureka
Root William B. engineer, Eureka
Rourke Eugene, miner, P. O. Central
Rowe Mich, miner. Third
Rowe W. A. miner, P. O. Central
Rowe William, miner, P. O. Central
Roworth W. M. merchant and mayor of city, Main
Roworth F. M. merchant. Main
Ruby George, laborer. High
Rule E. boot and shoemaker, Lawrence
Rush Roreick, laborer, P. O. Central
Russell B. F. miner. Eureka


Sabin George K. mining operator, Casey Avenue
Salsman Jacob, butcher. Main
Salsburg W. H. mining operator, P. O. Central
Saner Oto, merchant. Main
Samuels Henry, plasterer, Gregory
Sarton James, miner, Nevada
Sawin F. O. miner, Gregory
Sayr Hal, civil engineer and adjutant general Territory, Eureka
Schmetz Henry, saloonkeeper, Lawrence
Schmitt Frederick, boarding, Gregory
Schmidt & Jenner, merchant and custom tailors, Bridge
Schmidt N. tailor, Bridge
Schneider D. dealer in boots and shoes, Main
Schlessinger T. S. lumber dealer, Gregory
Schlessinger S. V. lumber clerk, Lawrence
Scheidemantel Charles, saloon and billiard hall, Main
Schellenkan Joseph, stonemason, Spring
Schaffint Henry, miner. Eureka
Schaffint L. miner, Eureka
Scarff E. N. ranchman, P. O. Central
Schuer John, miner. Eureka
Schneider J. H. clerk. Main
Schmitz Henry, saloonkeeper, Lawrence
Schneider J. W. miner. Main
Scott J. C. carpenter, P. O. Central
Scott Smith, carpenter, P. O. Central
Scott R. W. miner, Spring
Scott G. O. carpenter, Eureka
Schnider Conrad, merchant, residence Eureka
Schomecker A. miner. Eureka
Schmeder J. W. miner, Main
Scannel J. miner, Main
Schultz Louis, miner, Pine
Schram George, miner, Casey Avenue
Schlapkohl Claus, miner, Gregory
Schustler Jos. miner, P. O. Central
Schulz Avon Prof, mining engineer and assayer, office, Lawrence
Schellenger John L. deputy sheriff, agent. Montana Gold Mining Company and insurance agent. Spring
Schoolfield S. miner, Lawrence
Scudder John, mining agt. P. O. Central
Seavey Mason M. commission merchant, P. O. Central
Sears W. F. tobacconist. Main
Sessler Fred, furniture dealer, Main
Sessler & Seaurs, wholescale grocery dealers. Main
Sessler _____, wholesale grocer. Main
Shaeffer J. W. millman. Eureka
Shaeffer John J. G. teamster. Eureka
Shaeffer Daniel W. miner. Eureka
Shaeffer B. B. M. teamster. Eureka
Shaeffer Fred. A. miner. Eureka
Shafer J. B. stonemason. Pine
Shephard Daniel, miner, P. O. Central
Shea Daniel D. miner, Lawrence
Shea Patrick, miner, Lawrence
Shea John B. miner, Lawrence
Shea Michael, miner, Main
Sherwood William, miner, Lawrence
Shluster Cloas, shoemaker, Gregory
Shope Rudolphus, miner, P. O. Central
Short William Henry, shoe dealer, Gregory
Shaw James, miner, Nevada
Shinely David, miner. Spring
Shupp D. W. engineer, residence Pine
Sick John, miner, Gregory
Simmons E. T. carpenter, Nevada
Simms G. B. miner, P. O. Central
Simpson Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Simpson N. P. miner, Lawrence
Siss John, carpenter, Spring
Skinner Malvin A. miner, Casey Avenue
Smith Fred, millman. Spring
Smith William, laborer, Spruce
Smith Eben mining operator, Casey Avenue
Smith F. C. millman, Spring
Smith Robert, miner, P. O. Central
Smith Jack, miner. High
Smith Chris, miner, Lawrence
Smith J. Alden, metallurgist, residence Third, P. O. Central
Smock R. H. National Hotel, Lawrence
Sowden James, miner, Gregory
Sowden John, miner, Gregory
Sparks Richard, saloonkeeper. Main
Spanner Peter, engineer. Eureka
Spalding Ed. miner. Eureka
Springer William, miner. Spring
Sparks Richard, miner. Main
Stafford Edgar L. stonemason. Eureka
Stag John, miner, P. O. Central
Stanton I. W. register, land office, Eureka, residence High
Stevens William C. miner, Eureka
Story S. C. miner, Eureka
Stegner George, merchant, residence Eureka
Strasburg Charles, bookkeeper, residence Third
Strausburg Chas. lumber clerk, Lawrence
Stevens James, miner, Eureka
Strehlke Julius, saloon and billiard hall, junction Lawrence and Gregory
Sutton John B. miner, P. O. Central
Sutton N. S. miner, P. O. Central
Sutherland James, teamster, P. O. Central
Sullivan Tim. miner, P. O. Central
Sugg James, miner, Gregory
Sweet R. W. physician and surgeon, office. Main
Sweetzer C. H. wholesale fruit store, and storage and commission, corner Spring and Bridge


Tallman Jacob, miner, P. O. Central
Taneberger Charles, brewer, P.O. Central
Tappan W. H. hardware dealer, Lawrence
Tascher Jacob, mill owner. Eureka
Taylor William, miner, Lawrence
Teats John, proprietor Exchange saloon, corner Gregory and Spring
Teats Robert, miner, Gregory
Teats Eugene H. miner, Gregory
Teese Conrad, miner, Nevada
Teller H. M. lawyer. Eureka
Teller Williard, lawyer, Eureka
Terry Ira E. dealer in cigars, fruit, confectionery, etc. Main
Terry Samuel, laborer, P. O. Central
Terry Samuel, stage driver. Eureka
Terrell Elijah, miner, P. O. Central
Terrell Thomas, miner, P. O. Central
Thatcher J. A. banker, residence Casey Avenue
Thoeny Charles, mechanic. Main
Thomas Richard, miner, Lawrence
Thomas John, miner, Lawrence
Thompson J. R. miner, Main
Thoney Frank, miner, Gregory
Tiarnay John, stonemason, Gregory
Tiffany W. W. miner, P. O. Central
Tiffany J. W. merchant, residence High
Tippett Ed. miner, Lawrence
Tishler Joseph, dealer in fruit, cigars, tobacco and confectionery. Main
Tiernan H. L. tinsmith. Main
Tolles L. C. physician and surgeon, office, Main, residence Lawrence
Torb John, millman, Eureka
Torrier Joseph, mason. Eureka
Townsend W. A. hair dressing and shaving saloon. Main
Travis David, miner, Lawrence
Trevillian James, miner, P. O. Central
Trossan Jacob, saloonkeeper. City Brewery, Eureka
Truan John, miner, Packard
Tunis Joseph C. miner, Pine
Turck John, mining operator, P. O. Central
Turck Titus, restaurant. Spring
Tucker E. Mrs. Gregory
Turner George F. expressman. Eureka
Turner Joseph M. Rev. Episcopal clergyman, Lawrence
Tyrer Simon, miner. Eureka


Ulrich Fred, miner, Eureka
Updegraff Joseph, miner, Eureka
Updegraff N. Dr. U. S. revenue collector, second district, office, corner Main and Lawrence, residence Eureka
Updike William, miner. Pine


Vidal Maurice, miner, Spring
Valentine S. H. mining operator, Eureka
Valentine Phebe Mrs. High
Van Ablo Charles, miner, P. O. Central
Van Camp A. dealer in meats of all kinds, and provisions, Gregory
Van Deren A. J. mining operator. Eureka
Velnowith W. J. miner, P. O. Central
Vivian F. J. miner, P. O. Central
Vivian Thomas, miner, Gregory


Waggoner John, miner, Casey
Wakeley E. Judge, lawyer, Lawrence and Main
Walker J. H. miner, Eureka
Walrod Abram, laborer, P. O. Central
Walters Edward, miner, Packard
Walters Charles, miner, Nevada
Wannemaker ____, miner, P. O. Central
Waltdschmidt Gustave, agent. Peoria Mutual and Benevolent Association, Central
Ward L. P. telegraph operator, Lawrence
Ward Joseph, miner, Lawrence
Ward Elijah, miner, Lawrence
Ward Joseph P. miner, Gregory
Watterman John, laborer, Lawrence
Watson David, miner. High
Warner J. D. druggist, Central
Washington Martin, miner, Eureka
Webb William, miner, Gregory
Webber Joseph, miner, P. O. Central
Weber Charles, furniture dealer, Main
Weeks Charles, miner, Casey Avenue
Weidman James, miner. High
Weil L. merchant, residence Pine
Welch James, miner, P. O. Central
Wells John, hostler, P. O. Central
Wells E. T. lawyer, P. O. Central
Wells John, teamster. Eureka
Wentworth Charles, proprietor Connor House. Main
Werley Peter J. miner. Main
Werley Val. miner. Main
Weston & Weber, wholesale and retail furniture dealers, Main
Weston Chas. M, furniture dealer, Main
West Wm. E. ranchman, P. O. Central
Westgate Alfred, miner. Eureka
Westover J. D. miner, P. O. Central
White James T. saloonkeeper, Lawrence
White Henry, mechanic. Eureka
Whiting William A. mining operator, Lawrence
Whalen John, miner, P. O. Central
Wieschan F. W. miner, P. O. Central
Wieser Bernard, miner, P. O. Central
Wightman W. W. agt. Eureka Foundry, Eureka
Wiley P. dealer in fancy and staple groceries and provisions, Gregory
Wilcox L. R. molder. Eureka
Williams F. M. liveryman, Gregory
Williams Henry B. miner, Gregory
Williams Mary A. Mrs. Lawrence
Wilson Walter, miner, P. O. Central
Wilcoxson L N. lawyer, Main
Wilder Eugene, foreman Central City Register, Eureka
Wiggers James, miner. High
Wilmers Louis, miner, Eureka
Wilmot Robert, blacksmith, Gregory
Wisehart B. W. clothing dealer, Main
Wohlgesinger Gotlieb, physician and surgeon. Main
Wolcott L. H. miner, P. O. Central
Wolcott O. T. miner, Gregory
Wood James D. postmaster, residence Nevada


Yanson F. miner. Main
Young Frank C. bookkeeper, Thatcher & Standley's Bank, Main
Young John, miner, Nevada
Young J. Austin, miner, P. O. Central
Young William, miner, P. O. Central
Young National bank clerk. Main


Zigler Caspar, livery stable, Gregory
Zwerfel J. J. miner, Nevada

Central History | Central Business Directory

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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