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 Central Colorado Business Directory 1871

Central is the business centre of the gold mining districts of Gilpin County, its principal city and county seat, and the most populous of the mountain cities of Colorado. It is located in the central part of the county, in a portion of the valley of a tributary of North Clear creek, Gregory gulch, also in two other gulches, Spring and Eureka, and on the slopes of surrounding mountains. Read more Central History or Central Gazetteer


Black Philip, Main
Cassels John, Main
Kruse Brothers, Gregory
Neilson Matthew, Main
Roworth & Company


Buell Bela S. residence St. James
Chaffee J. B. & Company Eureka, corner Main
Goodspeed J. H. with Thatcher, Standley & Company
Kountze Herman, R. M. National Bank
Potter Thomas H., R. M. National Bank
Reynolds J. S. R. M. National Bank
Thatcher, Standley & Company corner Main and Eureka

Barbers and Hair Dressers

Dimmery John, Main
Dunham Henry, Main
Ernest Daniel, Main
Henshaw Robert, Main
Jones & Townsend, Main


Branch George, Packard
Freeman John, P. O. Central
Froggart E. Gregory
Grant James R. Spring
Hambly Thomas, Eureka
Hill E. A., P. O. Central
Miller L. D. Nevada
Morgan John R., P. O. Central
O'Neil Constantine, Gregory
O'Shea Thomas, Gregory
Owen J. Q. A. Eureka
Pearce Alfred, Lawrence
Wilmot Robert, Gregory

Boarding House Keepers

Brockman John, Gregory
Davis L. Mrs. Spring
Putnum Paulina Mrs. Eureka
Remine M. A. Mrs. Nevada
Schmidt Frederick, Gregory

Boot and Shoe Dealers

Bisbee E. Gregory
Fink John P. & Company Main
Johnson Charles, Gurney blk. Main


Armstrong L. M. Main
Dostal & Bro. Main
Gethard Henry, Spring
Hoffmaster Henry, Spring
Huntel John, Eureka
Maguire Thomas, Lawrence
Nicholson Brothers, Spring
Richart Henry, Gregory
Salsman Jacob, Main
Van Camp A. Gregory


Barclay & Company Eureka
Crees J. W. Eureka
Critchel W. High
Gardner D. N. Eureka
Grant John, Bridge
Hanscome L. Gregory
Harvey Richard, P. O. Central
Hinds J. D. Spring
Jones R. H. Lawrence
Kettron R. W., P. O. Central
Kippen George, P. O. Central
Loring Charles, Gregory
Moore M. K. Eureka
Neidalmier Brothers, Eureka
Scott J. C, P. O. Central
Scott Smith, P. O. Central
Scott G. G. Eureka
Simmons E. T. Nevada
Siss John, Spring

Civil Engineers

Hill George, P. O. Central
Peregrine J. D. office. Main
Sayr Hal, Eureka


Cassels John, Main
Badger John C. Main
Neilson Matthew, Main
Terry Ira E. Main
Tishler Joseph, Main
Roworth & Company Main

Contractors & Builders

Barclay & Company Eureka
Hanscome L. Gregory
Loring Charles, Gregory
McFarland Brothers, Eureka
Moore M, K. Eureka
Mullen Thomas, Lawrence


Beach J. H. Van Deren's blk. Main

Doors, Sash and Blinds (Manufactories and Dealers in)

Hart & Schlessinger, Gregory

Druggists and Apothecaries

Best John, "The Pharmacy," Main
Ellis W. T. Dr. Main
Furnald A. Casey Avenue
Warner J. D., P. O. Central


Beeler D. T., P. O. Central
Belden ____, Eureka
Darlington W. T. Spring
Fisher James, Lawrence
Malone Aaron, Gregory
Newton George, Prosser
Price John H. High
Root William B. Eureka
Schupp D. W, Pine
Spanner Peter, Eureka

Fruit Dealers

Alston John, Nevada
Terry Ira E. Main
Tishler Joseph, Main
Hilliary & Company Main

Furniture Dealers

Sessler Fred. Main
Weston & Webber, Main


Black Philip, Main
Black ____, Spring
Freas L. F. Lawrence
Hurst Joseph, corner Gregory and Lawrence
Kurse Brothers, Gregory
Lake & Hawley, corner Main and Bridge
Miller C. C. Gregory
Nicholson Brothers. Spring
Roworth & Company Main
Sessler & Seaur, Main
Van Camp A. Gregory
Wiley P. Gregory


Day John, Nevada
Kiessig Charles, Lawrence

Hardware Dealers

Roworth & Company Main
Tappan W. H. & Company Lawrence


Connor House, C. Went worth, proprietor Main
National, R. B. Smock, proprietor Lawrence

Insurance Companies (Life and Fire)

Etna Fire Insurance, et al. Foster Nichols, Main
Northwestern Mutual Life, E. J. Giddings, district agent. office. Main
Pacific Fire, J. A. Thatcher, agent, office, corner Main and Eureka
St. Louis Mutual Life, J. Schellinger, agent.


Aitcheson William, corner Main and Eureka
Gearhart George, Nevada
Hatch John, High
Hense J. H. Main


Butler Hugh, Main
Connelly E. K. Main
Ginn John M. Main
Gorsline W. K. Main
Hahn S. B. Lawrence
Johnson H. A. Eureka
Kennedy W. R. Main
Leland Charles M. -Main
Morse H. B. Eureka
Post C. C. Main
Rockwell L. C. Lawrence
Reed G. B. Main
Reed Clinton, Main
Teller H. M. Eureka
Teller Willard, Eureka
Wakeley E. Main
Wells E. T, Main
Wilcoxen I. N. Lawrence

Livery Stables (Proprietors of)

Jurgens Jacob, Gregory
McCall & Lewis, Lawrence
Williams F. M. Gregory

Lumber Dealers

Hart & Schlessinger, Gregory


Anderson John, Eureka
Bolthoff Henry
Gleig P. S. Lawrence
Power Roger F. Eureka

Merchants (Dry Goods, etc.)

Arkush S. "N. Y." Store, Main
Baum I. Main
Cody M. E. Mrs. Main
Comfort h J as. T., P. O. Central
Crohn M. & T. Main
Freas L. M. Lawrence
Goldman E. High
Harper W. H., P. O. Central
Hawley H. J. Nevada
Holstein Ben. Main
Wisebart B. W. Main


Alger Frank, P. O. Central
Douglas Lewis G. Spring
Humphrey S. W. Eureka
Larkin John, P. O. Central
MacWithay _____, Gregory
Matthews Charles, P. O. Central
Mellon Samuel, Lawrence
Alger Frank, P. O. Central
Douglas Lewis G. Spring
Humphrey S. W. Eureka
Larkin John, P. O. Central
MacWithay _____, Gregory
Matthews Charles, P. O. Central
Mellon Samuel, Lawrence
Nelson Wm. H., P. O. Central
Parent Sydney, P. O. Central
Plumb Nelson, P. O. Central
Shoeffer J. W. Eureka
Smith Fred. Spring
Smith F. C. Spring

Notaries Public

Burrell James, Main
Grannis Henry, Pine
Leland Charles M. Main
Nuckols C. Lawrence
Tanson F. Mail


Reed & McKinney, Main

Physicians And Surgeons

A'Duddell R. G. Main
Beers Louis T. Gregory
Edmunson W. corner Main and Eureka
Sweet R. W. Main
Tolles L. C. Main
Updegraff N. corner Main and Lawrence
Wohlgesinger Gottleib, Main


Atwater Henry, Gregory
Jones W. H., P. O. Central
Paul Henry C, P. O. Central
Samuels Henry, Gregory

Powder Companies (Agents of)

California Powder Works, William Earned, agent. Main
Dupont Powder Company Foster Nichols, agent. Main
Giant Powder Company W. H. Tappan & Company agents. Lawrence
Hazard Powder Company J. O. Raynolds, agent. Lawrence
Laflin & Rand Powder Company W. H. Tappan & Company agents. Lawrence

Printers (Book and Job)

Campbell T. J. Herald office, Lawrence
Collier & Hall, Register office, Eureka

Restaurants (Proprietors of)

Charpiot J. Lawrence
Jefferson William, Lawrence
McFarland Peter, Lawrence
Turck Titus, Spring


Bisbee E. Gregory
Cameron Robt. Main
Kinney A. Main
Lawrence Peter, Main
Lobach Israel, Main
Martens Detlef, Gregory
Romer Peter, Main
Rule E. Lawrence
Schneider D. Main
Shleuter C. Gregory
Short Wm. H. Gregory


Buell S. A. Main
Crane L. K. Main

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Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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