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 Boulder Colorado Business Directory 1871

The principal town and county seat of Boulder County, is beautifully located near the foothills, in a valley of the North Boulder. Its settlement dates back to the earliest days of gold discoveries in Colorado, and its growth, in population and importance, has been steady and uninterrupted. Read more...Boulder County Colorado or Boulder Gazetteer

Attorneys At Law

Brumel C. W. Alpine
Coulter J. A.
De la Mar Frank
Fish C. R.
Hood Wm. B.
McMurdy J. H.
Morrison R. S.
Pope Frank A.
Thompson A. G.
Townsend A. H.
Yates F. L.


Chaffee Jerome B. & Company


Fisher M. Main
Morris J. A. Main


Johnson Nelson, Alpine
Townsend C. O. Alpine
Townsend W. A. Alpine

Billiard Saloon

Barnes Thos. corner Rose and Mary


Crossman A. C. Rose
Dupkle August
Piper J. R.

Boots and Shoes (Manufacturers and Dealers in)

Hayward & Co. Alpine
Mann Ira O. Alpine
Oaks Jacob, Alpine
Smith J. M. & Bro. Taos

Books And Stationery

Curtis A. F. Alpine
Wood & Cree, Alpine

Boarding Houses

Fisher M., Main
Lockwood Mrs. Argentine


Selak Albert


Monroe Geo. Argentine


Buttrick L. Alpine
Guard James, Alpine
Guard Henry, Alpine
Lane John, Alpine
Moss Geo. M. Alpine

Cabinet Maker

Gorman G. W. Alpine


Episcopal (Grace)
Methodist Episcopal


Bates Walter, Argentine
Case M. D. High
Cummings J. W. Taos
Devallie Peter, Taos
Handson D. H. Main
Jennings D. D. Clark
Tracey John, Taos
Weakley W. L.

Cigars, Tobacco, Etc.

Candee & Pitzer, Main
Marshall E. G. Rose

Civil Engineers

Johnson Albert, Taos
Marsh Geo. Alpine


Fish C. R. Taos
Wright E. S. Taos


Clark Andrew
Reynolds Warren, Taos
Smith Wm. S.
Vanhyning Isaac, Clark
Woodward J. H. Taos

Fruits, Etc.

Candee & Pitzer, Main
Churchill A. A. Rose

General Merchants

Burdsal C. W. Alpine
Candee & Pitzer, Main
Case August, Alpine
Chapin H. C. Rose
Lake D. Argentine
Lake John D. Argentine
Love J. A. Alpine
Mills J. K. Argentine, corner Alpine
Monti J. Alpine
Monti B. Alpine
Osborn Thos. Alpine
Pollard C. W.
Rhoades C. C. Taos
Shayer S. Alpine
Spruance & Love, Alpine
Strouse & Sprague, Alpine
Trapp Louis, Alpine
Ware Wm. W. Alpine


Curtis A. F. Alpine

Harness and Saddlery

Gallup & Gallitin


Barton House, Taos
Doyle House, Main
Leggett House, Taos
McCoy House, Taos


Greenleaf C. Taos

Livery Stable

Bailey & Nott, Alpine
Clark & Campbell, Alpine
Rounds Barney, Alpine


Cheever B. W.
Dibben Frank Prof.
Martine C. A.
Moor C. H.
Taft Louis P. Main
Walters Albert

Mining Agents

Baldwin Charles P. Main
Barrett Geo. W.
Campbell H. C. Taos
Dibben Frank Prof.
Goss C. J.
Haywood W. Clark
Light Wm. Argentine
Lynch J. S.
Sites G. L.
Watson Joseph W.

Mining Engineer

Johnson Albert, Taos

Notaries Public

Darrah Benj. F. Main
Fish C. R.
Harrington H. Alpine


Durham E. Taos
Forrest J. W. Mack


Eggleston Bros. Alpine


Buchanan G. W.
Pollock _____

Probate Judge

Shephard L. H. Taos


Butten Chas. Miner Office
Coulson John, Miner Office
Randall Chas. Miner Office

Reduction Works

Sinclair E. W. Argentine
Stewart J. O.


Barnes Thomas
Blumer L. corner Tenth and Argentine
Fisher M. Main
Garbarino J. Taos
Parpelione James, Argentine
Sanguincti Augustus, Taos
Sumner Leonard, Mary


Nash Henry, Clark
Nash S. Rose

Boulder Gazetteer | Boulder History

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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