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 Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado 1870

The principal town and county seat of Boulder County, is beautifully located near the foothills, in a valley of the North Boulder. Its settlement dates back to the earliest days of gold discoveries in Colorado, and its growth, in population and importance, has been steady and uninterrupted. Boulder Gazetteer

The peculiar advantages of Boulder county have been fully noticed elsewhere, and but little need be said here of the city, except that it represents the principal wealth, and is the head-quarters of the chief mining, manufacturing and mercantile industries of the county. Its remarkably beautiful site and surroundings, together with the superior manufacturing advantages arising from the excellent water-powers afforded by Boulder creek, and the great mineral and agricultural wealth of the county, will eventually make Boulder's population equal that of the principal cities of Colorado, and place it beyond rivalship in wealth and importance. The completion of the Boulder Valley railroad, which will take place during the coming summer, will give her railroad communication and a fresh impetus to all industries. The proximity of the greatest coal mines in the Territory is among the important advantages of this city. This alone would insure large population and wealth, and taken in connection with the fact, that Boulder County possesses one of the richest silver mining districts in Colorado, besides large deposits of gold ores, all in the neighborhood of the city, and readily accessible, makes a combination of advantages possessed by few locations even in this favored country.

No place. East or West, is more orderly or freer from outlawry of any description than this beautiful valley city, and nowhere do moral and religious observances receive stricter attention. Prompt encouragement and support are given also to educational matters, and, altogether, any citizen can take up his abode in Boulder City, feeling perfectly assured that he may enjoy all reasonable educational and religious privileges.

One of the important institutions of Colorado is the Boulder County Agricultural Society, whose grounds are located near the city. This, however, receives appropriate notice elsewhere.

The elevation of the city above sea-level is 5,536 feet. Its location is in the eastern-central portion of the county, really on the plains, but near the mountains, and more readily accessible from these than any other city of the plains. Of course the climate is healthful; this is general in Colorado.

Boulder Colorado Gazetteer

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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