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Colorado Gazetteer, 1906

Colorado is situated about midway the country north and south, and about two thirds of the distance from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. On the north are Wyoming and Nebraska, on the east Nebraska and Kansas, on the south New Mexico, and Utah on the west. The State is a quadrilateral in shape, its north and south boundaries being respectively the forty-first and thirty-seventh parallels of latitude.

Note: The names appearing in parentheses at the end of the description in the following gazetteer refer to the atlas sheets published separately by the United States Geological Survey.

Abby ~ Anthracite
Antlers ~ Aztec Village
Babcock ~ Black Ridge
Black Face ~ Byron Station
Carnero Creek ~ Cheyenne Wells
Chicago Creek ~ Colorow
 Colton ~ Cooked Creek
Cooked Wash ~ Cyanide
 Daffodil ~ Dexter
 Diamond Hill ~ Dyke
Eads ~ Electric Peak
 Elevenmile Canyon ~ Express Creek
Fair Grounds ~ Full Moon Gulch
Gabbert Station ~ Grabiola Station
Grace Creek ~ Gypsum Valley
Hackberry Creek ~ High Park
Hill Creek ~ Hygiene
Ibex Station ~ Ivanhoe
Jack Canyon ~ Justice Hill
Kahnah Creek ~ Kutch
La Boca Station ~ Lay
 Laya Station ~ Lytle
McAllisters Station ~ McNulty Gulch
Maber ~ Medicine Bow
Medio Station ~ Mirage Station
Missouri Gulch ~ Mustang Creek
 Namaqua Station ~ Nyburg Station
Oak Creek ~ Oyster Lake
Packard Gulch ~ Peeler Basin
 Pegasus Spring ~ Plara Mount
Plateau Creek ~ Pyramid
Quaking Aspen ~ Quinns Station
Rabbit Creek ~ Rio Mancos River
Rio Navajo River ~ Ryman Creek
Sabeta Peak ~ Schramm
 Schurman Creek ~ Slide Rock
Sliderock Basin ~ Squaw Mountain
Squirrel Gulch ~ Symons Station
T Gulch ~ Tomah Station
Tomichi Creek ~ Tyrone Station
Tomichi Creek ~ Tyrone Station
Ula ~ Ute Park Station
Vacas River ~ Vulcan Crest
 Weddel Creek ~ White Mountain
White River ~ Wynetka Station
Xenia Station ~ Zuni Gulch

Source: United States Geological Survey, by Henry Gannett, Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey of Colorado, Charles D. Walcott. Director, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1906.

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