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Colorado Gazetteer Xenia Station ~ Zuni Gulch

Colorado is situated about midway the country north and south, and about two thirds of the distance from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. On the north are Wyoming and Nebraska, on the east Nebraska and Kansas, on the south New Mexico, and Utah on the west. The State is a quadrilateral in shape, its north and south boundaries being respectively the forty-first and thirty-seventh parallels of latitude.

Xenia; station in Washington County on Burlington and Missouri River Railroad; altitude, 1,549 feet.

Yale, Mount; in Sawatch Range, Chaffee County; altitude, 14,187 feet.

Yale; post village in Kit Carson County.

Yale; station in Chaffee County on Colorado Midland Railway; altitude, 8,688 feet.

Yampa; canyon in Routt County on the lower course of Yampa River.

Yampa; peak in Routt County; altitude, 8,022 feet.

Yampa; plateau between Yampa and White rivers, extending westward into Utah, where it is cut through by Grand River; altitude, nearly 9,000 feet.

Yampa; post village in Routt County.

Yampa; river in Routt County, a left-hand branch of Green River, heading in the western slopes of Park Range and flowing in a generally western course to its mouth; discharge near Maybell, April 17 to October 31, 1904, 816,900 acre-feet.

Yankee; hill in Lake County. (Leadville)

Yankee; post village in Clear Creek County.

Yankee Bar; mining town in Gilpin County. (Blackhawk)

Yankee Girl; town in Ouray County.

Yeiser; post town in Las Animas County.

Yellow; mountain in San Miguel County. (Telluride)

Yellow Jacket; pass in Rio Blanco County; altitude, 7,493 feet.

Yellow Jacket; spring in Montezuma County.

Yellowstone; gulch in Hinsdale County, tributary to North Fork Henson Creek. (Lake City)

Yoder; town in El Paso County.

Yorkville; village in Fremont County. (Canyon City)

Youman; station in Gunnison County on Denver and Rio Grande Railroad; altitude, 8,311 feet. (Lake City)

Yoxall; station in Weld County on Union Pacific Railroad.

Yuma; post town in Yuma County on Burlington and Missouri River Railroad; population in 1900, 139; altitude, 4,147 feet.

Yuma County in the eastern part of the State; bounded on the north by Phillips County, on the east by Kansas and Nebraska, on the south by Kit Carson County, and on the west by Washington County. The surface consists of rolling plains. Its area is 2,316 square miles. The population in 1900 was 1,729; and of Wray, the county seat, 271. In 1900 the average magnetic declination was 13° 00' east. The mean annual rainfall is about 16 inches, and the mean annual temperature 50° to 55°.

Zapata; village in Costilla County; altitude, 7,562 feet.

Zenobia; peak in Routt County; altitude, 9,297 feet.

Zinc Junction; station in Pueblo County on Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.

Zion, Mount; in Lake County. (Leadville)

Zirkel; post village in Larimer County.

Zirkel, Mount; in Larimer County; altitude, 12,126 feet.

Zuni; gulch in San Juan County, tributary to South Fork Animas River. (Silverton)

Source: United States Geological Survey, by Henry Gannett, Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey of Colorado, Charles D. Walcott. Director, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1906.

Colorado Gazetteer


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