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 Trinidad, Boulder County Gazetteer Surnames A ~ Z

A thriving village, located at the junction of North and South Boulder creeks, in Boulder County. Like Burlington, its neighbor town, Valmont is supported and built up chiefly by its agricultural surroundings, and has growth and prosperity in ratio with the development of the farming industries of the region. The location of this village is most favorable in many respects. The valleys of the Boulders, in which it is situated, are noted for the richness of their soil, and the streams for the numerous water powers they afford. Coal is also abundant in the neighborhood, and, without question, Valmont will eventually add manufacturing enterprises to her permanent industries. Like all Colorado towns, it has delightful surroundings, and most healthful climate and good orderly citizens.


Akins J.
Allen ____, judge probate court


Clow D. (Clow & Evans), merchant
Colburn J. merchant
Clow & Evans (D. Clow and A. Evans), dealers in dry goods
Colburn & Ellingham (J. Colburn and R. Ellingham), dealers in dry goods and general produce


Eldred S. H. miller
Ellingham R. (Colburn & Ellingham), boards J. Colburn
Evans A. (Clow & Evans), boards D. Evans


Farra M. blacksmith, boards C. C. Lawson


Graham W. G. miller


Hays S. M. blacksmith
Hopkins William, blacksmith
Honsel P. M. proprietor, flouring mill


Jones E. J. proprietor Valmont House


Laty William, teacher, boards Mrs. Lemmex
Lawson C. C. proprietor, meat market
Lemmex Mary H. widow
Lyon Wm. carpenter


Moar R. A. farmer
Mosher A. G. with E. F. Parks


Parks E. F. blacksmith
Peters A. W. physician
Phillips Wm. O. miller


Rutter C. G. farmer


Sampson J. J. farmer

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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