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Odd Fellows Lodges of Colorado ~  1870

Previous to the organization of the Grand Lodge of Colorado, at Denver, in November, 1867, the lodges in the Territory were under charter from the Grand Lodge of Kansas. The rapid increase in the number of Odd Fellows in the Territory, in 1867, and the remoteness of the Grand Lodge of Kansas, made the necessity of the above organization apparent, and active measures for its completion were inaugurated. Dr. R. G. Buckingham, of Denver, an active and honored member of the order, was prominent in this desirable movement, and was ably aided in his efforts by leading members from all parts of the Territory. The elective officers of the first Grand Lodge of Colorado were the following:

R. G. Buckingham, M. W. G. W., Denver
H. E. Hyatt, R. W. D. G. M., Nevada
John Chamord, R. W. G. W., Denver
John W. Ratliff, R. W. G. S., Nevada
Herman H. Heiser, R. W. G. T., Central
Clarence P. Elder, G. R. to G. L. U. S., Denver

The following are the officers of the Grand Lodge, regularly chosen and duly installed at the session of October, 1870, at Denver:

C. H. McLaughlin, M. W. G. M., Denver
J. H. Vandeventer, R. W. D. G. M., Denver
John H. Jay, R. W. G. W., Kit Carson
John W. Ratliff, R. W. G. S., Nevada
George Wirth, R. W. G. T., Nevada
Omer O. Kent, G. R. to G. L. U. S., Denver

The following are the subordinate lodges in Colorado, with number of members returned to Grand Lodge session, of October, 1870:

Union, No. 1, Denver, number of members, 90
Rocky Mountain, No. 2, Central, number of members, 83
Colorado, No. 3, Black Hawk, number of members, 78
Denver, No. 4, Denver, number of members, 74
Georgetown, No. 5, Georgetown, number of members, 40
Nevada, No. 6, Nevada, number of members, 48
Canon City, No. 7, Canon City, number of members, 23
Pueblo, No. 9, Pueblo, number of members, 35
Boulder, No. 10, Boulder City, number of members, 39
South Park, No. 11, Fair Play, number of members, 28
Elder, No. 13, Kit Carson, number of members, 28
in all, 11 lodges, with 566 members.

We have no data from encampments in the Territory, nor have we the names of the present officers of the subordinate lodges. The order owns valuable property in the principal cities of the Territory, and is financially prosperous. Its condition, in regard to number of lodges and members, is illustrated by the above statements. The high character and great usefulness of this order in the Territory, require no comment here-these are universally acknowledged.

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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