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Masonic Lodges, Colorado ~  1870

The first lodges of this ancient order, in Colorado, were organized under charters granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodges of Kansas and Nebraska. In 1861, the matter of the formation of a Grand Lodge of Colorado was freely discussed, and on the 2nd of August, of that year, the masters and wardens of the several lodges in the Territory convened at Golden, in accordance with previous agreement, and the Grand Lodge of Colorado was regularly organized, and the following officers duly installed:

J. M. Chivington, G. M., Gold Hill
S. M. Bobbins, D. G. M., Parkville
James Ewing, S. G. W., Parkville
J. M. Holt, J. G. W., Gold Hill
Eli Carter, G. T., Golden
O. A. Whittemore, G. S., Parkville

The following lodges were represented in this Convention:

Golden City, No. __
Rocky Mountain, No. 8
Gold Hill; Summit, No. 7

The first annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Colorado was held in Denver, December 18, 1861. Returns from the following lodges were received:

Golden City, No. 1, Golden City, Wm. Train Muir, W. M., number of members, 18;

Summit Lodge, No. 2, Parkville, James Ewing, W. M., number of members, 31;

Rocky Mountain, No. 3, Gold Hill, J. M. Holt, W. M., number of members, 13.

These lodges, with a total membership of 62, represented Masonry in Colorado, in 1861. At the ninth annual communication, held at Denver, September 28, 1869, returns were received from the following lodges, all in Colorado:

 Golden City, No. 1, Golden City;
Nevada, No. 4, Nevada;
Denver, No. 5, Denver;
Central, No. 6, Central;
Denver, No. 7, Denver;
Empire, No. 8, Empire;
Black Hawk, No. 11, Black Hawk;
Washington, No. 12, Georgetown;
El Paso, No. 13, Colorado City;
Columbia, No. 14, Boulder City;
Mt. Moriah, No. 15,
Canon City; Pueblo, No. 17,
Pueblo; Valmont, under dispensation,
Valmont; Germania, under dispensation, Denver.

Total number of members 717 Entered Apprentices 71 Fellow Crafts 18 Grand total 806

These figures demonstrate the growth and prosperity of Masonry in the Territory.

The following is a list of the officers of the Grand Lodge, regularly chosen and duly installed at this meeting:

Henry W. Teller, G. M.
Richard Soporis, D. G. M.
W. D. Anthony, S. G. W.
Hal Sayr, J. G. W.
Wm. W. Ware, G. T.
Ed. C. Parmelee, G. S

We have no data from the tenth annual communication of the Grand Lodge, held at Central, in September, 1870, nor statistics from but few of the subordinate lodges.

The following is all the data at hand:

Nevada Lodge, No. 4.

List of officers of Nevada Lodge, No. 4, F. & A. M., for the ensuing year:

Isaac N. Henry, W. M.
William Emperor, S. W.
W. S. Haswell, J. W.
J. F. Phillips, Treasurer
J. W. Ratliff, Secretary
Wm. M. Finley, S. D.
James Trezise, J. D.
Michael Braun
W. R. Hyndman, Stewards
J. K. Jones, Tyler.

Denver Lodge, No. 5, at its regular communication, held December 17, A. L. 5870, elected and installed, for the ensuing year, the following officers: G. G. Brewer, W. M.; F. M. Danielson, S. W.; J. Lambert, J. W.; Phil. Trounstine, Secretary; George Tritch, Treasurer; S. D.; L. McCarty, J. D.; A. T. Randall, Tyler.

Denver Union Lodge, No. 7, elected and installed the following, as officers for the ensuing year, on the 24th of December, A. L. 5870: W. D. Anthony, W. M.; E. A. Willoughby, S. W.; M. A. Rogers, J. W.; E. G. Matthews, Secretary; Frank Palmer, Treasurer; S. D. J. D.; A. T. Randall, Tyler.

Black Hawk Lodge, No. 11. The following is a list of officers for the ensuing year: Geo. E. A. Coggdon, W. M.; Geo. F. Simmons, S. W.; H. P. Cowenhoven, Treasurer; S. H. Bradley, Secretary; Geo. Wells, S. D.; Robert Bushney, J. D.; Jacob Tullman and P. Willey, Stewards; J. M. Sutter, Tyler.

Laramie Lodge, No. 18, A. F. & A. M., have elected the following officers for the ensuing year: J. H. Hayford, W. M.; T. J. Dayton, S. W.; G. W. Ritter, J. W.; Gustave Schuler, Treasurer; J. E. Gates, Secretary; Martin Follet, S. D.; A. T. Williams, J. D.; J. S. Pfeiffer and Walter Sinclair, Stewards; W. W. Smithson, Tyler.

The masons of Greeley have been granted a dispensation for Occidental Lodge, No. -, but have not, at this date, December 28th, been instituted. The brethren recommended F. L. Childs, for W. M., E. W. Gurley, for S. W., and H. W. Lee, for J. W. Address E. B. Annis, Secretary. Chivington Lodge, No. 6, (Central), A. F. & A. M., was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Colorado, December 11, 1861: Allyn Weston, W. M.; Thos. J. Brower, S. W.; Henry M. Teller, J. W. At the annual session of the Grand Lodge, in October, 1868, the name of Chivington was changed to Central Lodge, No. 6, its present name. The present officers are: E. C. Beach, W. M.; N. H. McCall, S. W.; Benj. Lake, J. W.; R. C. Lake, Treasurer; S. I. Lorah, Secretary; Foster Nichols, S. D.; James Hutchinson, J. D.; Geo. A. Pugh, Tyler.

Central City Chapter No. 1, Royal Arch Masons, was chartered by the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons, of the United States of America, March 23, 1863, with the following officers:

A. J. Van Deren, H. P.; Aaron M. Jones, K.; James T. White, S.

The present officers are: Benj. W. Wisebart, M. E. H. P.; H. M. Orahood, K.; John W. Ratliff, S.; R. C. Lake, C. H.; James V. Dexter, P. S.; A. M. Jones, R. A. C; John Best, M. 3rd Veil; Benj. Lake, M. 2nd Veil; Wm. Fullerton, M. 1st Veil; Thos. H. Potter, Treasurer; S. I. Lorah, Secretary; Geo. A. Pugh, Sentinel.

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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