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 Kit Carson, Greenwood County Gazetteer Surnames A ~ Z

The county seat of Greenwood County, is located in the eastern-central portion of Colorado, on the Kansas Pacific railway. After the railway reached this point, and previous to its completion to Denver, it was the place of transfer for all freights and passengers over the road, destined for Southern Colorado, New and Old Mexico.

This made the trade of the place important, and large hotels, and trading and forwarding and commission houses wore established, and a heavy amount of business transacted The number of men employed in these, and in constructing the railroad, made the population considerable, and local business very brisk in 1870, but since the completion of the Kansas Pacific to Denver, both population and business has rapidly decreased.

However, a large amount of freight for New and Old Mexico, and Southern Colorado, is still reshipped at this point, which, in connection with the fact that the town is an important station on the railway, makes it quite an active trading post.


Ainslee R. S. railroad agent
Allen James, justice of the peace
American House, Wm. Conner, prop.


Barrett & Company druggists
Benson J. proprietor, beer hall
Bear John
Biedel Mark, grocer
Bishop ____, carpenter and joiner
Bristoe George, constable
Brownlee ____, carpenter and joiner


Chick W. H. & Company commission and forwarding
Clutter J. C. physician
Collar M. dry goods dealer
Conner Wm. proprietor, American House
Cullen Robt. clerk, government warehouse


Desmond Pat. Policeman


Fifield & Hill, grocers
Floarman Charles, proprietor, Beer Hall
Frost D. M. school teacher


Harris W. H. county clerk
Hand & Company, grocers


Jay J. H. blacksmith
Johnson H. R. grocer
Jones E. F. justice of the peace
J. D. Perry House, Thos. Foley, prop.


Kemp Thomas, proprietor, dance hall and saloon
Kruger Henry, jeweler


Lawrence J. saloonkeeper


Musick C. E. & CO. grocers and forwarding
Murphy ____, dealer in boots and shoe


Nagle James, coroner and proprietor, boarding house
Norton John, proprietor, saloon
Norton Mike, proprietor, saloon


Otero, Sellar & Company, forwarding and commission merchants
Olney James, agent S. O. M.


Pierce John W. bookkeeper, C. E. Musick & Co.


Ruder A. butcher


Snyder C. J. probate judge
Sonneberger ____, freighter and stock dealer
Stewart L. F. superintendent of school
Soward J. A. postmaster


Thomas J. W. clerk. Perry House
Van Zandt B. dealer in cigars and tobacco, and landlord


Zimmerman F. C gunsmith

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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