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 Idaho Springs, Colorado Gazetteer Surnames A ~ Z

This town, one of the oldest in the mountains, and formerly the county seat of Clear Creek County, is located on South Clear creek, eighteen miles from its junction with the Platte River, thirty-five miles from Denver, six miles from Central City, thirteen miles from Georgetown, and three miles from the mouth of Fall River. Read more Idaho Springs History


Anderson Henry, miner, Payne's bar
Ambrose N. M. miner
Anderson Andrew, miner, Payne's bar
Arthur Levi H. miner, P. O. Idaho
Aspel Daniel, miner


Bangs Charles C. clerk. Main
Barnes Hopkins, justice, notary public and conveyancer
Badders Aimer, miner
Beebee F. W. proprietor, hotel, Colorado
Bearzy J. B. miner, P. O. Idaho
Beauregard Peter, miner
Beaupry David, miner
Benning Alex, laborer
Bennett H. clerk. Main
Bell Frank, miner
Bell James H. miner
Belinger Henry, miner
Black John, carpenter
Blarnalier Thomas, miner
Blanchard S. W. miner
Blackman _____
Boyd Dennis, miner
Boyer Agusta, miner
Bornetti Daniel, miner
Bogue F. N. stage agt. Main
Bonham S. miner
Bruno Paul, miner
Brunaulp Felaux, miner
Brune F. F. civil surveyor. Main
Busin Lewis, miner
Busha Oliver, miner, P. O. Idaho


Carter W. M. freighter
Carup Calvin, speculator
Cahill James, laborer
Cathers John, freighter
Carlile Joseph, miner
Cafferty Ed. miner
Callison E. F. miner
Cauhose August, miner
Choath Henry, carpenter, Main
Charruand P. E. mining operator
Clenfield John, miner
Clawson G. W. miner
Cook John M. miner
Cook W. E. laborer
Cooper Thomas, miner
Coons G. W. miner
Corcoran James, miner
Coddington M. O. proprietor, livery stable
Craven James W. miner
Curin Austin, miner


Davis Warren, laborer
Davis Charles, laborer
Daginais Paul, miner
Daginais Samuel, miner
Dahl John, miner
Dean Thomas J. miner
Decker G. W. miner, Colorado
Devel John, miner
Dixon Thomas, miner
Dory John, mining operator. Main
Dory Scott, miner
Dority Dan, millman
Dority John, tailor
Dority W. F. millman
Dougherty Ed. miner
Doe George H. constable
Dominguess Celestine
Dorlow David, miner
Dunn James, ranchman
Dwrey J. F. miner


Edwards John, miner
Ellis Amos, shoemaker


Faivre Dennis, merchant
Felt William, miner
Fitzpatrick F. H. millman
Fitzgerald E. laborer
Fitzgerald W. J. carpenter
Fridge Oldridge, miner
Freeman Jacob, miner
Friedes Jaques, miner
Fox H. F. miner


Gaskill L. D. C. mining operator
Gallagher John, miner
Gibson Loril, miner
Gibson William, speculator and mining operator
Gilson Robert
Glass Daniel, miner
Gray R. C.
Griswold R. B. prospector, Colorado
Green Joseph, blacksmith
Green John, miner


Harden J. N proprietor, hotel
Harris F. B. miner
Harrison William, miner
Halderman Daniel, ranchman
Hall William, ranchman
Helms Franklin, miner
Helms V. miner
Hicks Daniel W. lumberman
Hosking Benj. miner
Holland E. F. surgeon
Hough T. J. ranchman
Hobbs William, clerk
Howard George F. miner
Holton John, miner
Hughes James, miner
Hulverson Christ, blacksmith
Hulverson O. miner
Hunter William F. miner
Hunter G. W. miner
Hudson Greg, miner
Hylands H. miner
Hylands William


Iverson Hans, carpenter, Main


Jessup Asa, teamster
Jolly Frank, miner
Johnson Andrew, miner


Kalbaugh James, miner
Kelso George L. miner
King Francis, miner
Kelter Philip, miner
Kooken Daniel, miner
Kremer Frank, miner


Latshaw William H.
Layton Fred, miner
Lashu Cephas, miner
Lacoy Eline, miner
Lamein Ed. miner
Lacoy Herbet, miner
Lauglien _____, miner
Lowe Theo. mining Supertendent.
Lowe E. A. ranchman
Long Jacob
Luky Mike, miner


Marion Jesse, miner
Mason A. L. freighter
Martin Charles, millman
Mason A. L. miner
Marilly Frank, miner
McAlister Sam. miner
McCool Mike, miner
McGee John, miner
McHurd B. F. carpenter and builder
McMann Mike, miner
McMickle Peter, laborer
Mead John L. miner
Metcalf George, miner
Mickle H. V. miner
Mickle J. H. miner
Mitchell John, clerk
Miller George C. justice of peace
Mixer E. T. miner
Morton M. R. shoemaker, Main
Moorse F. H. laborer
Montague H. proprietor Ocean Bath
Montague D. A.


Needham John, miner
Nierdemus William, miner
Noxen N. M. physician and surgeon


Owens Evan, tollgate keeper
Owen William, miner


Patten Ambrose E. toll bridge keeper
Patten G. W. merchant, Main
Parker Robert, Main
Peters E. D.
Plummer H. liveryman
Phennings A. miner
Pierce G. F. miner
Potter Chand, miner
Presler Jacob, miner
Primony Nelson, miner


Quantance W. P. miner
Quinn John, stone mason


Ray Thomas, speculator
Reader J. A. H. ranchman
Reily Barney, miner
Revera J. A. miner
Rice George
Richards Peter, miner
Richards J. M. miner
Rice Jos. A. miner
Rice J. A. miner
Riley Mich, miner
Rogark Thomas, miner
Roberts John G. miner
Roberts Thomas, miner
Rossiter G. E. laborer


Sarible Antoine, miner
Schwartz B. baker
Scovill Henry, miner
Seaton C. L. miner
Seaton Pat. miner
Sharp J. H, carpenter
Shepard W. A. proprietor, billiard hall
Sines J. F. miner
Simmons Jos. R. miner
Silvertooth John, deputy sheriff
Simpson William, teamster
Sisty E. B. ranchman
Sisty W. E. ranchman
Simms W. R. miner
Skinner D. K. proprietor, billiard saloon
Smith John, stonemason
Smith John, Blue ranch
Smith J. N.
Smith S. P. miner
Smith Charles, miner
Sullivan Patrick W.


Taylor John H. livery and feed stable
Taylor Henry, clerk
Taylor Baltic, teamster
Terrill Hiram, miner
Theohold Peter, merchant
Thorn James G. mountaineer
Todd Tipton H.
Todd M.
Toussant Lewis, miner
Tolley Robert, miner
Topping John, mining supt.
Triphmier P. miner


Vance John E. ranchman
Vinette Clestins, ranchman
Veilling Wm. C.


Warner H. J. proprietor, billiard hall
Watson Zeb. miner
Wagner Wille, miner
Wells Elisha, mining operator
Whaley Wm. Wm. miner
Williams John, miner
Wilson James L. miner
Woods G. W. blacksmith
Womack S. R. mining operator
Womack R. M. miner
Wright J. C. miner
Wright William, miner
Wurtz George W. miner


Young Charles, miner


Zorns James, teamster

Idaho Springs History

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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