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 Greeley Weld County Colorado Gazetteer Surnames A ~ Z

The head-quarters of Union Colony, receives due notice in our description of the colony. It is one of the most prosperous towns in Colorado, and its growth in wealth and population is unprecedented.

The inhabitants being mostly Eastern men, have brought with them all their ideas and habits of thrift, industry and economy, and these, with the remarkable wealth of the country, must create a most prosperous condition of affairs and insure a brilliant future to this new city of the plains.


Abbott S. A, residence corner Sherman and Maple
Abbott J. C. prop, meat market, Main, residence same
Abbott E. H. agent Denver Pacific Railway and express agent
Annis E. B. residence Pine
Atkinson S. farmer, residence Main
Avery F. surveyor, residence Pine
Alphonse E. C residence Olive


Babcock P.M. lawyer, office, Main
Barclay G. W. physician, residence Spruce
Bates A. C. clerk, residence Pine
Bassett B. residence Monroe
Barnes C. F. clerk, residence Monroe
Baker A. S. milkman, residence foot of Pine
Baker L. C. printer, residence Pine
Bardill D. physician, residence Main
Barker S. stock dealer, residence Pine
Baxter A. clergyman
Baxter M. farmer, residence Walnut
Bailey H. H. clerk, Maple
Beswick E. farmer
Benson J. W. hotelkeeper, Monroe
Billings J. E. wagon maker, residence Walnut
Bingham D. L. carpenter, residence Walnut
Blodgett _____, mason, residence Madison
Blum R. laborer, residence Main
Boyd A. physician, Oak
Boyd R. ranchman
Boyd D. prof, of languages, residence Chestnut
Boettcher H. hardware merchant, Main
Botcher L. B.
Brush D. sheriff. Weld County, residence Chestnut
Brockway W. H. laborer, residence Main
Brockway C. L. residence Pine
Brandager C. farmer, residence Pine
Brown J. mason residence Spruce
Bryant F. farmer, residence Linden
Buckingham C. (Emerson, West & Buckingham), banker
Burke R. contractor, residence Maple
Buckley J. D. surveyor, residence Main
Burrows H. residence Pine


Cameron R. A. postmaster, residence Main
Calhoun C. C. carpenter, Maple
Childs F. L. justice of the peace, residence Main
Clark J. M. farmer, residence Oak
Connor D. farmer, residence Sherman
Colton D. gardener, corner Vine and Grant
Cooper J. G. editor N. Y. Tribune
Condit L. I. carpenter, residence Pine


Day F. G. farmer, residence Linden
Day S. A. farmer, residence Linden
Daily W. C.
Davis C. hotelkeeper, Main
De Lee J. E. ranchman
Dixon H. farmer, residence Pine
Dixon A. residence Pine
Dixon Walter, residence Pine
Dixon William, farmer, residence Pine
Dow A. wagon maker, Walnut
Drake G. W. mason, corner Spruce and Grant
Dresser G. F. carpenter, residence Pine
Dunham J. L. carpenter, residence Linden
Dunnigan J. A. carpenter, residence Spruce
Dupee L. blacksmith. Walnut
Dunkan E. L. machinist, residence Linden


Eaton Oscar, surveyor, residence Main
Eaton B. H. ranchman
Eldredge J. B. nurseryman, Vine
Emerson C. (Emerson, West & Buckingham), banker
Emerson W. farmer, residence Maple
Emerson B. contractor, residence Maple


Farwell J. H. ranchman, residence Scott
Farwell Cyrus D. deputy sheriff, residence Scott
Fancher F. carpenter, corner Oak and Washington
Ferris S. R. farmer, corner Sherman and Maple
Fezer J. F. clerk, residence Main
Fisk Russell, merchant, Main
Fisk Jerry M. farmer, residence Linden
Fisk Richmond, carpenter, Linden
Fussell C. L. artist, residence Chestnut
French L. F. carpenter
Fuller G. residence Main
Frisbie L.


Gardner F.
Gifford M. V. B.
Gilchrist A. farmer, residence Walnut
Greeley Flouring Mills, S. S. Kennedy & Co. props.
Green W. M. farmer, residence Maple
Green A. M. residence Maple
Gurley E. W. teacher, residence corner Maple and Sherman
Guiney E. R. clerk. Pine
Gurney Virginia R. teacher, Pine


Hall R. L.
Hall N. W. carpenter, residence Pine
Hall E. carpenter, residence Main
Hall R. contractor and builder, Main
Hartley W. D. carpenter, Maple
Hanna L. commission merchant, residence Jefferson
Harding G. H. carpenter, residence Main
Haukins C. P. carpenter and builder, residence Pine
Henery J. mason, residence Madison
Henderson M. P. residence Chestnut
Heaton C. farmer, residence Walnut
Heaton E. farmer, residence Walnut
Hewitt J. F.
Higenbottom J. builder Maple
Higley J. C. prop, livery stable, residence Pine
Hilton B. W. carpenter, Main
Holmes E. farmer, residence Pine
Holmes N. residence corner Monroe and Pine
Hollister E. clergyman, residence Walnut
Hotchkiss A. carpenter, residence corner Maple and Jackson
Hotchkiss Rufus, saddler, residence corner Monroe and Spruce
Huno G.
Hunter S. A. residence Pine


Inman Thomas, farmer, residence Chestnut
Inman John John, farmer, residence Chestnut
Inman Joseph, farmer, residence Chestnut
Inman James, grocer, residence Chestnut
Ingraham O. W. farmer, residence Chestnut


Johnson J. H. residence Linden
Johnson J. M. artist, residence Main
Jordan S.
Jones J. H. (Monk & Company), merchant, Main


Karsner J. H. residence Main
Karsner L. B.
Kendall A. carpenter, residence Chestnut
Kellogg II. D. watchmaker, residence Main
Keeler D. B. stock grower, residence foot of Oak
Kennedy S. S. prop. Greeley Flouring Mills.
Kinison R. L. expressman, residence Walnut
Knight H. W.
Knight S. W. farmer, residence Pine


Lansing M. W. farmer, corner Maple and Scott
Law G. physician, residence Pine
Law H. W. carpenter, residence Pine
Lagrange B. S. contractor, corner Sherman and Oak
Lebar J. W. farmer
Lee H. W. clerk, residence corner Monroe and Main


McClellan William, farmer, residence Chestnut
McLain Oliver, carpenter, Spruce
McDonald W. surveyor, residence Main
McDermid S. farmer, residence Linden
McMaster A. G. ranchman
McKnight H. farmer. Plumb
McAfee J. farmer
McMurtel C. W.
McKelvie CM. ranchman
McClelland L. R.
May J. H. (Monk & Co.), merchant, residence Spruce
Martin M. T. farmer
McWorther Alex. residence Olive
Meeker N. C. president U. C. and editor Greeley Tribune, residence Monroe
Milner S. P. mason and constable, residence Spruce
Monk E. C. merchant, Main
Moore B. farmer
Moore T. C.
Moore W. B.
Morgan J. H. laborer, residence Spruce
Morse J. contractor and builder, residence Linden
Moffat R. W. carpenter
Murray J. expressman, residence Linden


Nettleton C. L. teacher, residence Main
Nettleton N. laborer Maple
Nettleton E. S. surveyor
Nichols E. T. merchant, residence Chestnut
Norris L. B. printer, residence Oak
Nye E. painter, residence Spruce


Olds A. residence Maple
Owens M. farmer, residence Chestnut


Pador W. E. real estate agent and colony secretary residence Maple
Palmer S. A.
Paine J. H. residence Spruce
Patterson J. ranchman
Parker G. E. contractor and builder, residence Maple
Parker L. M.
Pearson J. S.
Perkins G. W. furniture dealer, Maple
Piuneo B. F. butcher, Monroe
Plumb Ovid, grocer, corner Monroe and Main
Plummer N. T. bookkeeper, residence Walnut
Post W. H. prop, bookstore, residence Maple
Potter S. G.


Quigley J. H. coal dealer


Ramsey A. cotton manufacture, residence Maple
Ranney D. B. stock grower, residence Maple
Reeve R. W. carpenter, residence Main
Rea E. blacksmith, residence Pine
Reed J. S.
Ringer F. S. saddler. Main
Root A. H. hotelkeeper. Maple
Root D. C. cigar merchant, residence Main
Roberts J. H.
Roberts W. J. coal dealer, residence Oak
Roberts J. C
Romillier J. B.
Ruthven A. Mrs. Walnut


Sanborn J. F. agricultural implements, Madison
Sanborn C. W. lumber merchant. Maple
Scott J. physician, residence Pine
Scott E. J. residence Pine
Schenck W. H. carpenter, residence Walnut
Seeley J S. carpenter, residence Olive
Shattuck J. C. farmer, residence Oak
Salomon A. Z. merchant. Main
Smith W. H. laborer, Maple
Smith L. D.
Spencer S hatter, residence Maple
Spearing H. S.
Springer L. S. carpenter, residence Main
Stratton W. H. contractor
Stanton D. B.
Stephens R. mason, residence Maple
Strunk W. E. teacher, residence Maple
Swan G. carpenter, residence Walnut


Talbot B. barber, residence Main
Teller L. W. contractor and builder, residence Pine
Thompson S. K. dentist, residence Madison
Thompson W.F. lumber merchant, residence Main
Thomas C. R. expressman, residence Pine
Thacker H. D. prop, cheese factory
Titcomb J. W. clerk
Titcomb _____, professor of music, residence Walnut
Tuttle H. B. physician and druggist, Main


Von Goren L. jeweler. Walnut


Washburn S. B.
Watson H. residence Jefferson
Wait A. C. farmer, residence Main
Ward H. W. farmer
West H. T. (Emerson, West & Buckingham), banker
Weed W. L. carpenter
Wentworth E. W. mason, residence Jefferson
Whitaker A. laborer
Whipple L. contractor and builder, residence Walnut
White J. L. architect, residence Linden
Willop James, carpenter, residence Maple
Williams W. W.
Wilcox W. W. farmer
Wittian L. P. farmer
Woodruff W. B. contractor and builder
Woodbury J. C. carpenter, residence Maple
Wright S. B. carpenter, residence Pine
Wright N. D. residence Olive
Wylie J. W. ranchman


Young B. C.

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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