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 Georgetown Colorado Gazetteer Surnames A ~ Z

The principal town and county seat of Clear Creek County, is pleasantly located in a beautiful valley on South Clear creek, about twelve miles from its confluence with Fall River, and eight miles from its source, at the base of the main range. This valley is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, which, at some points, reach an elevation of 2,000 feet above the valley. Read more...Georgetown Business Directory or Georgetown History


Adams A. T. M. miner, second ward
Aitkin George, miner, second ward
Allen I. D. miner, first ward
Allen J. T. miner, first ward
Allen J. O. miner, first ward
Ames Fisher, miner, first ward
Ambrose Philip, shoemaker, Alpine
Amsberry W. A. miner, first ward
Antentio Antoni, miner, second ward
Archibald Robert, miner, second ward
Archibald Joseph, miner, second ward
Ashard J. B. miner, first ward
Ashley Franklin, miner, second ward
Atherton Henry, miner, second ward
August A. J. miner, second ward


Baldwin Charles P. mining agent. Main
Barnard A. W. editor and proprietor Miner, Main
Barnes Thomas, billiard saloon, corner Rose and Mary
Barrett George W. mining agt. P. O. Georgetown
Bates Walter, carpenter, Argentine
Barton William, proprietor, hotel, Taos
Barton J. N. proprietor, hotel, Taos
Bailey P. S. liveryman, Alpine
Bailey & Nott, liverymen, Alpine
Badger J. C. miner, first ward
Barker .Josh, miner, second ward
Baxter Stephen, miner, first ward
Barney F. F. miner, first ward
Bechtel A. mining supt. P. O. Georgetown
Bell C. T. miner, first ward
Bell Adolphus, miner, second ward
Bell J. L. miner, second ward
Bedell John, miner, second ward
Beffers John, miner, second ward
Berry L. W. miner, second ward
Bissell C. R. miner, first ward
Blossom E. H. clerk, Alpine
Blumer L. saloon, corner Tenth and Argentine
Bowme B. C. miner, Taos
Bofry Peter, miner, first ward
Bowman L. M. miner, first ward
Bowen J. miner, first ward
Borret Anthony, miner, first ward
Borret Pat. miner, first ward
Boyer Henry, miner, first ward
Bradley Fred. C. clerk, Taos
Bryant A. H. clerk, Taos
Bryant P. L. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Bramel C. W. judge and attorney at law, office, Alpine, r. Main
Brownell A. W. miner, Alpine
Bracken Mike, miner, first ward
Bracken Pat. miner, first ward
Brofry Ales, miner, first ward
Brother E. T. miner, first ward
Brothers F. S. miner, first ward
Brown W. H. miner, first ward
Brown F. T. miner, first ward
Batten Chas. printer, Miner office
Bush Joseph, miner, Taos
Burdsall C. W. general merchandise, corner Argentine and Tenth
Burleigh Charles, president, Burleigh Tunnel Company P. O. Georgetown
Buttrick L. butcher, Alpine
Burdett _____, brick maker, Argentine
Buchanan G. W. physician and surgeon, Taos
Buchanan T. J. miner, second ward
Bullock J. T. miner, second ward
Bullock T. J. miner, first ward
Butler T. S. miner, first ward
Butler Samuel, miner, first ward
Buchman Louis, miner, second ward
Burkherp S. H. miner, first ward


Candee & Pitzer, groceries, provisions, fruit, cigars, etc. Main
Candee Fred. P. merchant. Main
Case John W. miner. High
Case M. D. carpenter, High
Case L. Y. miner, second ward
Case J. miner, first wan!
Case Wm. B. miner, second ward
Campbell II. C mining agt. Taos
Campbell W. L. sheriff. Clear Creek County, Argentine
Camper James, miner, second ward
Gallery James, miner, second ward
Carroll William, miner, first ward
Canlenth James, miner, second ward
Caze August, merchant, Alpine
Chafee A. J. miner, second ward
Chapin II. C. merchant. Rose
Charles James, miner, second ward
Charles Thomas, miner, second ward
Cheever B. W. metallurgist, at International
Reduction Works, P. O. Georgetown
Cheide Peter, miner, second ward
Churchill A. A. news depot, California fruits, etc. Rose
Churchill C. C. miner. Rose
Clark Andrew, engineer, Taos
Clark Horace F. clerk, Main
Clark D. B. miner, first ward
Clark David, miner, first ward
Clark Fred, miner, second ward
Clay Henry, miner, first ward
Clements Ed. miner, second ward
Cooper Thomas B. millman, Clark
Cooper W. R. miner, second ward
Cooper A. D. miner, second ward
Coulson John, printer, Miner office
Coulter J. A. lawyer, first ward
Coulter George, miner, first ward
Courtney Elec., miner, second ward
Cornman G. W. cabinetmaker, Alpine
Collins R. J. miner, first ward
Conner Richard, miner, second ward
Cook J. M. miner, second ward
Cowles H. C. miner, first ward
Cowles S. M, miner, first ward
Cox G. W. miner, first ward
Cox B. E. miner, first ward
Cox Jasper, miner, first ward
Grossman A. C. blacksmith, Rose
Crow Henry, miner, first ward
Cree John, mining operator, P. O. Georgetown
Cree Alex, merchant, Alpine
Cummings J. W. carpenter, Taos
Curtis A. F, hardware, books and stationery, Alpine


Darrah Benj. F. notary public and mining operator. Main
Davidson Joseph, miner, first ward
Dennis J. M. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Dennison C. W. miner, first ward
Denel J. A. miner, second ward
Decatur Stephen, Editor Miner, Taos
De la Mar Frank, lawyer, first ward
Devallie Peter, carpenter, Taos
Devotie D. miner, Clark
Devotie John C. millman, Clark
Devotie H. M. miner, first ward
Dewitt Walter, miner, P. O. Georgetown
De Main R. N. miner, second ward
Dimick Lee, miner, Clark
Dimick C. A. miner, Clark
Dibben Frank Professor, metallurgist and mining agrnt. P. O. Georgetown
Dickinson Eli, miner, second ward
Dixon P. B. miner, second ward
Dofram A. miner, first ward
Donald William, miner, first ward
Dominguez C. miner, second ward
Dorsch Martin, miner, first ward
Doyle Dan. proprietor Doyle House, Main
Doyle George, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Duggan Stephen, barkeeper, Mary
Du Laney David, miner, first ward
Dupke August, blacksmith, Tenth
Durban E. packer, Taos


Eberlein William F. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Ebuer John, miner, first ward
Edwards Stephen, miner, first ward
Edwards A. C. miner, first ward
Egan Jonathan C. painter, Taos
Eggleston Bros, photographic artists, Alpine
Eggleston E. M. artist, Alpine
Eggleston W. K. artist, Alpine
Eggleston C. B. miner, first ward
Eliza Florentine, second ward
Emmanuel Henry, miner, second ward
Erskine William, miner, first ward
Eubank C. miner, first ward
Evans John, millman, Clark
Evans David, millman, Clark
Evans Frederick, brickmason, Clark
Evans Thomas N. miner, first ward


Fahay Thomas, miner, first ward
Fellows A. C. miner, second ward
Fillius Bros. dealers in groceries and miners' supplies, corner Argentine and Mary
Fillius John, merchant, corner Argentine and Mary
Fillius Philip, merchant, corner Argentine and Mary
Fish C. R. notary public, city assessor and collector, lawyer, etc. Taos
Fisher M. proprietor, bakery, saloon and boarding house. Main
Fisher J. A. miner, Clark
Fisher A. C. miner, first ward
Fitzpatrick Thomas J. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Flanigan Michael, miner, first ward
Flathers Ira, millman. Rose
Folty N. R. miner, first ward
Forrest J. AV. packer, Mack
Foster J. H. miner, second ward
France Matt, miner, first ward
Franklin William, miner, first ward
Franklin Ashley, miner, second ward
Fretz AV. K. miner, first ward


Garbarino Joseph B. saloon, Taos
Gallup & Gallatin, harness and saddlery, Alpine
Gamer J. R. miner, first ward
Gage James, miner, first ward
Garcas Thomas, miner, second ward
Garera Jos. Simon, miner, second ward
Garera Antonio, miner, second ward
Gatchell E. L. miner, second ward
Gilchrist AV. J. miner, first ward
Glaze David AV. miner, first ward
Goutens Robert, miner, first ward
Goss C. J. mining agt.
Gould Joseph, miner, second ward
Green Charles, milkman, Taos
Greenleaf C. jeweler, Taos
Gravell John, miner, second ward
Graves A. M. miner, first ward
Griffiths Wm. R. miner, P. 0. Georgetown
Gnard Henry, butcher, Alpine
Guard James, butcher, Alpine
Gunn William, miner, first ward
Gunn James, miner, first ward


Hamel William, miner. South
Hamill AV. A. miner, first ward
Hambill John R. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Hamble Clinton, miner, first ward
Hand Pat. miner, first ward
Hansdon D. H. carpenter. Main
Harris John T. mining agent. Main
Harney C. H. C. millman, Clark
Harsha David, miner, first ward
Hartwell T. A. miner, first ward
Harrington John, miner, first ward
Harrington H. C. notary public, Alpine
Hale Wm. M. miner, first ward
Hanson C. miner, first ward
Hanson D. miner, first ward
Hanna D. W. miner, first ward
Haskins W. J. miner, second ward
Haskins Jerry, miner, first ward
Hacket W. T. miner, second ward
Henderson W. H. miner, first ward
Hedges Clark A. miner, first ward
Herrick J. T. miner, first ward
Hewitt H. H. miner, first ward
Heywood W. mining agent. Chark
Higgins Philip, miner, Main
Hill W. H. miner, first ward
Hill Miles, miner, first ward
Hillary Charles, miner, first ward
Hiltibiddle C. miner, second ward
Hood William B. lawyer, Taos
Holmes D. W. miner, second ward
Hogan Philip, miner, first ward
Housen Harmon, miner, first ward
Hewlett John, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Hoskins P. S. miner, second ward
Huel George, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Hulburt W. N. miner, second ward
Huddleston S. F. miner, first ward
Hunter W. A. miner, first ward
Hunter George W. miner, first ward
Hutchinson William, clerk, Alpine
Hutchinson W. N. miner, first ward
Hughes Shannon, miner, first ward
Hughes Patrick, miner, first ward
Hubbard James, miner, second ward


Ingram James, miner, second ward
Ingram William, miner, second ward
Irwin Joseph, miner, first ward
Isaacs J. M. miner, first ward


James Max, miner, Taos
Jansom Thos. W. miner, first ward
Jacobs William, miner, second ward
Jarvis J. miner, second ward
Jennings D. D. carpenter. Clark
Johnson Nelson, barber, Alpine
Johnson Albert, civil and mining engineer, office, Taos, residence Burrill
Johnson William, miner, first ward
Johnson AV. R. miner, first ward
Johnson Egbert, miner, first ward
Jones AV. C, laborer, Taos
Jones Charles, miner, first ward
Jones Frank, miner, second ward
Jones James, miner, first ward
Joy D. H. miner, first ward


Kallaburgh Isaac, miner, first ward
Karwin Theo. miner, second ward
Kelley Michael, miner, second ward
Kempton James, miner, second ward
Kerr J. B. miner, second ward
Kelso F. W. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Kinney A. R. teamster. Taos
King David, miner, second ward
Kimberlin C. A. miner, second ward
Kirngle Gotlieb, miner, first ward


Lake D. merchant, Argentine
Lake John D. merchant, Argentine
Lahay David, miner, first ward
Lafferta I. A. miner, first ward
Lampshire H. F. miner, second ward
Lane John, butcher, Alpine
Lawson J. B. miner, first ward
Lawler John, miner, first ward
Leggett H. proprietor Leggett House, Taos
Ledom A. W. miner, first ward
Lees David, miner, second ward
Leonard B. F. miner, first ward
Leas G. W. miner, first ward
Lewis Samuel, miner, second ward
Lewis Allen, miner, second ward
Lewis E. H. miner, second ward
Light William, mining agt. Argentine
Linn W. P. miner, second ward
Lichfield J. W. miner, first ward
Little James, miner, second ward
Lockwood Mrs. prop, boarding house, Argentine
Loring J. E. miner, second ward
Lorton Thomas, miner, second ward
Love J. A. merchant, Alpine
Lowry Andy, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Lusk Lafayette, miner, first ward
Lucero Gregoris, miner, second ward
Lynch J. S. mining agt. P. O. Georgetown
Lynch John, miner, first ward
Lynch Thomas S. miner, first ward
Lynch J. T. miner, second ward
Lynch Joseph M. miner, first ward


Mahaney Michael, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Mahany J. O. mining operator P. O. Georgetown
Mahaney A. D. miner, second ward
Majors E. R. miner, second ward
Maim Ira O. shoe dealer, Alpine
Marsh Daniel, miner, first ward
Marsh Geo. E. civil engineer, Alpine
Marshall E. G. dealer in cigars, tobacco, etc. Rose
Marshall T. J. miner, first ward
Marshall E. J. miner, first ward
Madrid Josh, miner, second ward
Mathew Joseph, miner, second ward
Martin C. H. miner, first ward
Martin AV. A. miner, first ward
Martin Juan Antonio, miner, second ward
Martine C. A. metallurgist, P.O. Georgetown
May Charles, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Mayer John, miner, second ward
McAfee James, miner. Rose
McAfee Joseph, miner, first ward
McAners R. S. miner, first ward
McCord Joseph, physician, second ward
McCoy J. C. hotel proprietor Taos
McClurg A. miner, second ward
McDowell J. N. miner, Taos
McDonnel John, miner, first ward
McFarland J. W. miner, first ward
McGowen Thomas, miner, first ward
McGowen George, miner, first ward
McGowen George, miner, second ward
McGahay G. T. miner, first ward
McGrath George, miner, second ward
McKipp Thomas, miner. Main
McKay J. P. miner, first ward
McKensey J. J. miner, second ward
McLaughlin James, miner, first ward
McLelland Erskine, miner, first ward
McMurdy J. H. lawyer, Georgetown
Merrill L. H. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Mills J. K. merchant, corner Argentine and Alpine
Mills G. A. miner, first ward
Mills Marcus, miner, first ward
Mickle J. H. miner, second ward
Mitchael John, miner, second ward
Monti J. merchant, Alpine
Monti B. merchant, Alpine
Monroe George, builder, Argentine
Morse G. M. miner, first ward
Morse Sullivan, miner, second ward
Morse C. W. miner, first ward
Moore John, miner, second ward
Moore C. H. miner, second ward
Moor C. H. metallurgist, Stewart's Reduction Works
Moore F. A. miner, second ward
Moore M. K. miner, second ward
Morrison R. S. lawyer, Georgetown
Morkley W. A. miner, first ward
Mooney Thomas, miner, first ward
Mosier H. D. miner, first ward
Morgan C. H. miner, first ward
Moffat J. H. miner, second ward
Montoy Juan, miner, second ward
Moss George M. butcher, Alpine
Munsell Thomas, miner, first ward
Murphy Thomas, miner. Main
Murray George, miner, first ward
Muschoe Theo. miner, second ward
Myer Gus. miner, second ward
Myers Charles, miner, second ward


Nash Henry, tinsmith, Clark
Nash S. tinsmith. Rose
Napheys B. F. editor Miner, Taos
Nott C. C. teamster, Taos
Nott S. W. prop, livery and feed stable, Alpine
Nichols W. H. clerk, Brownell


Oaks Jacob, manufacture and dealer in boots and shoes, Alpine
O'Bryan Jerry, miner, second ward
O'Bryan D. W. miner, first ward
Ogle B. miner, second ward
Ohary Mike, miner, second ward
Olson Ole, miner, first ward
Osborne Thomas, merchant, Alpine
Osborne John, miner, second ward
Owsley James B. miner, first ward


Pachio Ginno, miner, second ward
Packard George, miner, second ward
Parker Henry C. miner, Main
Parker M. P. miner. Main
Parpelione James, saloonkeeper, Argentine
Patterson C. B. miner, first ward
Patterson N. J. miner, first ward
Patterson H. O. miner, first ward
Patten William, miner, second ward
Payne E. S. miner, second ward
Payne Joseph, miner, second ward
Pearson H. K. miner, second ward
Peck F. L. miner, second ward
Phelto Joseph, miner, first ward
Piper J. R. blacksmith, P. O. Georgetown
Pointer Charles, miner, first ward
Pollard C. W. merchant, residence Argentine
Pope Frank A. lawyer, Georgetown
Potter A. A. miner, second ward
Powers R. A. miner, first ward
Powers S. J. miner, first ward
Pratt S. J. miner, first ward
Pues Joseph, miner, first ward


Randall J. S. foreman, Miner office
Randall Charles, printer, Miner office
Randolph W. C. miner, first ward
Ranchelor F. C. miner, first ward
Raynolds R. R. miner, second ward
Reynolds Warren, engineer, Taos
Reynolds J. T. miner, second ward
Reynolds R. P. miner, second ward
Rea A. B. miner, first ward
Reardon Andrew, miner, first ward
Reid J. S. miner, first ward
Remine Pachio, miner, second ward
Rhoades C. C. merchant, Taos
Richards John, miner, second ward
Richards W. A. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Rigsby D. T. miner, first ward
Roberts Jesse, musician, Taos
Rodgers E. W. miner, first ward
Rodgers Henry, miner, first ward
Romero Antonio, miner, second ward
Rounds Barney, prop, livery stable, Alpine
Rowley W. N. miner, first ward
Roy Antonio, miner, second ward
Rorg Frank, miner, second ward
Russell Joseph, miner, first ward


Sanders Harry, miner, first ward
Sanders W. C. miner. Main
Sanders Gilbert, miner, first ward
Saunders Gabriel, laborer, P. O. Georgetown
Sanguineti Augustus, saloonkeeper, Taos
Salam Sampson, miner, first ward
Sanborn J. T. miner, second ward
Scott John, miner, second ward
Scott A. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Scott Samuel, miner, second ward
Scanlon Patrick, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Selak Albert, brewer. P. O. Georgetown
Seaman Lafayette, miner, first ward
Shaw Scott, miner, Clark
Shaw Robert, miner, second ward
Shephard L. H. probate judge, office, Taos
Shephard William M. miner, first ward
Shayer S. merchant, Alpine
Sherman Ira, miner, first ward
Shermer Fred, miner, second ward
Shide Peter, teamster, Mack
Simmons Aaron, miner, second ward
Simmons T. F. miner, first ward
Simmons J. A. miner, first ward
Sinclair E. W. prop, reduction works, Argentine
Skehan P. A. mining supt. P. O. Georgetown
Slate Philip, miner, first ward
Smith Conrad O. miner, Main
Smith A. C. miner, corner Clark and Eighth
Smith William S. engineer, Taos
Smith P. J. shoe dealer, Taos
Smith G. A. miner, second ward
Smith J. M. shoe manufacture and dealer, Taos
Snyder F. J. miner, second ward
Snyder H. B. miner, second ward
Spruance William, recorder and county clerk, Taos
Spruance & Love, merchants, Alpine
Spruel J. C. miner, first ward
Srader Henry, miner, first ward
Stahl Ernst, tailor, Alpine
Stewel J. H. miner, first ward
Stewart J. O. reduction works, second ward, P. O. Georgetown
Stanton Henry, miner, Clark
Stickle James, miner, first ward
Stile G. J. miner, second ward
Stille George, miner, second ward
Steel R. W. miner, first ward
Stoelting Herman, miner, first ward
Stowel C. S. miner, first ward
Strouse & Sprague, merchants, Alpine
Strater E. S. miner, first ward
Stryker John, miner, first ward
Stuart Joseph, miner, second ward
Sullivan John, miner, Main
Sullivan J. E. miner, first ward
Summer John, cooper, Mary
Summer Louis, miner, Mary
Summer Leonard, saloonkeeper, Mary
Swayney A. J. miner, first ward
Sites Geo. L. mining operator, first ward


Taft W. Dewitt, miner, Rose
Taft Louis P. metallurgist. Main
Taft Lewis B. mining operator. Rose
Taft Walter, mining operator. Rose
Taft AV. T. miner, second ward
Tafte Frederick, miner, second ward
Talmage L. J. miner, first ward
Taylor James, miner, first ward
Thomas H. M. miner, P. 0. Georgetown
Thomas John, miner, first ward
Thompson A. O. lawyer, first ward
Thornton Geo. E. miner, first ward
Tindell Gaston, miner, second ward
Tindell G. E. miner, second ward
Todd Samuel, miner, first ward
Tooker Dubois, miner, Taos
Townsend C. O. barber, Alpine
Townsend W. A. barber, Alpine
Townsend A. H. lawyer, Georgetown
Trajillo Manuel, miner, second ward
Trapp Louis, merchant, Alpine
Tracy John, carpenter, Taos
Tull Geo. W. miner, second ward
Tucker J. F. miner, second ward
Tucker A. C. miner, second ward


Ulrich Fred, miner, second ward
Utter Charles, packer and prop, livery stable, Main


Vance Charles, miner, first ward
Vandergrieff James, miner and mill owner, P. O. Georgetown
Vanhyning Isaac, engineer, Clark
Varnes J. A. miner, first ward
Vesnor Selim, miner, second ward
Velot J. E. miner, second ward
Veyni Lelin, miner, second ward
Villat J, A. miner, second ward


Way G. W. miner, first ward
Wallace G. W. miner, P. O. Georgetown
Walters Albert, metallurgist, P. O. Georgetown
Ware Wm. W. merchant, Alpine
Warner A. C. miner, first ward
Watson Joseph W. mining agent. Argentine
Weakley W. L. carpenter. Main
Weaver John, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Weaver E. S. miner, Mary
Weaver J. W miner, Mary
Webb John, miner, second ward
Webb Albert, miner, second ward
Weed G. F. miner, first ward
Weed G. W. miner, first ward
Wentworth C. W. miner, second ward
White J. AV. miner, P. O. Georgetown
White W. Henry, miner, first ward
White James T. miner, first ward
Whitehead A, H. street commissioner and deputy sheriff, Georgetown
Whitford L. miner, second ward
Whitford C. A. police judge, Taos
Whitmer Charles, miner, first ward
Whorton J. E. miner, first ward
Wiekle David, laborer, Taos
Williams J. millwright, Taos
Williams John P. millman, Clark
Williams H. D. miner, first ward
Willihan Stephen, miner, first ward
Wilson Gilbert, miner, P. O. Georgetown
Woodward J. H. engineer, Taos
Wood F. J. miner, first ward
Worren D. M. miner, first ward
Worthington L. miner, first ward
Wright E. S. druggist, Taos
Wyman John, miner, Georgetown
Wyman J. H. city marshal, P. O. Georgetown


Yarrow George, cook, Taos
Yates F. L. lawyer, first ward
Young Albert, cook, Taos
Young John, miner, Clark

Georgetown Business Directory | Georgetown History

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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