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Episcopal Churches ~ Colorado ~  1870


St. John's Cathedral; the Rt. Rev. Geo. M. Randall, D. D., Bishop of Colorado, rector; the Rev. Samuel J. French, A. M., assistant minister. This parish was organized in 1860, by the Rev. John H. Kehler, who still resides in Denver, and officiates but occasionally, in consequence of infirmities incident to increasing years. The church edifice has recently been enlarged. Measures are in progress for securing the means wherewith to erect a new church, which, in point of material, dimensions, and architectural taste, will be worthy the sacred purposes for which it is to be used, and suited to the wants of the metropolis of Colorado.

Wolfe Hall, a high school for girls, is situated in Denver. It has a corps of well qualified instructors. This institution will compare favorably with similar schools at the East. The pupils are thoroughly trained in all the branches of education which fit girls to be accomplished and useful women. Wolfe Hall is a large brick building; an ornament to Denver, and a credit to the Territory. Of this school, Bishop Randall is the rector, and resides in the institution.

Golden City

Calvary Church is a substantial brick edifice, built in the Gothic style of architecture, with an open timber roof, and windows of stained glass. The Rev. Wm. J. Lynd is rector of the parish, which was organized about four years ago.

Jarvis Hall is a collegiate school, located about a mile from Golden, on the road to Denver. This institution is designed to prepare boys for college, and to fit them for the business pursuits of life. It has three departments: grammar, classical and scientific. The building is of brick, eighty-three by thirty-three feet, three stories, with a tower. On a line with the hall, and about 100 feet from it, is another brick edifice, and of similar style of architecture, forty by thirty feet, having three stories, with a tower, and is to be used for purposes connected with a school of mines. The location of this college is not surpassed for beauty and grandeur of natural scenery, and for purity of atmosphere, by any institution in the land. With hills and mountains within easy reach, it affords to the boys unequaled facilities for that physical exercise which develops the muscles and promotes health. To boys who are affected with bronchial trouble, or disease of the lungs, in its incipient state, or asthmatic complaints, this school affords the rare opportunity of securing the recovery of health, without sacrificing the educational period of life. Jarvis Hall has an able faculty, of which Bishop Randall is the head.

Central City

St. Paul's Church, Central City, was organized in the early settlement of the Territory. The church has been recently enlarged. A parish school is maintained under the supervision of the rector, the Rev. Jos. M. Turner. Measures have been taken to establish a hospital under the auspices of the church.

Nevada City

Christ Parish, Nevada City, of which the Rev. Francis Byrne is rector, has a neat church edifice, which was erected about four years ago. There are fine churches at Idaho and Empire City. In Georgetown, a church is nearly completed, and will be soon consecrated.


St. Peter's, at Pueblo, is a comfortable, commodious church edifice. Here also is St. Peter's Institute, a classical school, of which the rector of the parish, the Rev. Samuel Edwards, is principal.


At Littleton, a church is in the course of erection, and is to be completed on the first of March.

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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