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Colorado Agricultural Society ~  1870

This organization, which has for its object the advancement of all Territorial industries, as well as agricultural, is one of the most important institutions of Colorado, and h:xs the hearty encouragement and support of all public spirited citizens.

The first annual exhibition of the society was held in Denver, in the fall of 1866, and yearly exhibitions have been holden regularly from that time to the present. It has exerted a powerful and wide-spread influence in promoting all industries, and has aided efficiently in increasing the material wealth and general prosperity of the Territory.

The steady and healthy growth of this society, and the never-failing interest it has excited among all classes, is one of the best evidences of the real solid basis upon which the superstructure of Colorado industries are founded, and insures the future greatness and wealth of her people. The grounds and buildings of the society are located about two miles from the centre of Denver, adjoining the grounds of the Ford Park Association. The location is well chosen, and the grounds and buildings admirably suited for the purpose of exhibiting stock, agricultural and mineral products, manufacturers' material of every description, and the works of art, which display the taste and cultivation of our educated citizens.

The exhibit of 1870 surpassed all others in the quantity and quality of the material displayed, and was attended by all the leading citizens of the Territory, and vast numbers of people from all parts of this and adjoining Territories and States. The prizes awarded to those whose products excelled, were appropriate and valuable, and the general management of affairs, in all respects, satisfactory to all interested. The success of this society, in every way, is beyond doubt, and its sphere of usefulness will be constantly enlarged.

Although Colorado has only commenced her second decade and her limits reach far out into the unexplored regions of the Great West, and embrace the Great Desert and inaccessible mountains, still her progress in the arts, agriculture, stock raising and manufacturing, as exemplified by the exhibitions of this society, gives her an enviable position among the political divisions of the country west of the Missouri, and insure her from the rival ship of any adjoining districts.

The following is a list of the officers and directors of this society:

Officers of the Association
Horatio B. Bearce, President
Jos. W. Watson, Vice-President
Oliver A. Whittemore, Secretary
David A. Chever, Treasurer
Col. Ralph C. Webster, Chief Marshal

Executive Committee
David C. Collier
Peter Magnes
Isaac H. Batchellor
James M. Wilson
George T. Clark

D. C. Collier, Gilpin county
S. G. Nutt, Jefferson county
J. T. Lynch, Clear Creek county
John S. Wheeler, Weld county
W. B. Osborn, Larimer county
J, B. Rice, Pueblo county
B. B. Field, Pueblo county
Anton Schingelholtz, Douglas county
William Sheppard, Fremont county
P. M. Housel, Boulder county
Jos. W. Bowles, Arapahoe county
Ferdinand Meyer, Costilla county
William Craig, Huerfano county
L. S. Head, Conejos county
W. J. Godfrey, Sagauche county
Samuel Hartsell, Park county
W. P. Pollock, Summit county
H. H. DeMary, Lake county
L. Mullin, Greenwood county
Mark B. Price, Bent county

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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