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 Burlington Colorado Gazetteer Surnames A ~ Z

A delightful little valley town of Colorado, located in Boulder County, on the main stage road between Denver and Cheyenne. It derives its business principally from the rich agricultural country which surrounds it, and from the coal mines in the vicinity. Read more...Burlington Colorado

Allen Mary Mrs. Proprietor Allen House
Allen A. N. farmer
Andrews J. farmer

Barclay C. clerk, boards Woodworth
Bailey Alice Miss, student
Baumert D. farmer
Beckwith F. C. merchant
Beckwith E. F. postmaster
Blair J. traveling agent boards Burlington House
Blivins G. carpenter
Blivins A. J. carpenter
Burch R. carpenter and builder

Clawson G. farmer
Clawson ____, farmer
Coffman D. S. farmer
Coffman E. J. farmer
Coffman J. D. farmer
Crawford E. D. blacksmith, boards Burlington House

Dickens William, stock raiser, boards Mrs. Allen
Dwight L. farmer

Greenly F. farmer

Hartley W. D. carpenter, boards Burlington House
Hutchinson Sarah, student, boards Burlington House

Jones H. carpenter, boards Burlington House
Jones J. W. physician
Jones Jas. laborer, boards Burlington House

Kinney A. farmer
Kinney _____, farmer

Lampson L. Mrs. teacher, boards Mrs. Dwight

Manners H. druggist
McNeal B. laborer, with D. Baumert

Newman E. B. blacksmith
Newton R. A. stock raiser, boards Burlington House

Rhoads George, blacksmith, boards Burlington House
Rhoads J. B. dealer in boots and shoes

Secor W. W. farmer
Shiffler L. blacksmith, boards Burlington House
Smith F. farmer
Smith J. M. hotelkeeper
Streeter R. (Streeter & Turrell) proprietor drug and variety store
Streeter & Turrell (R. Streeter and J. W. Turrell), merchants

Van Valkenburg ______, Rev. boards Mrs. Allen

Ward Mrs. widow, boards F. Smith
Wells J. H. attorney at law, boards Mrs. Allen
West C. laborer, works Burlington House
Woodworth H. C. merchant
Wilson L. farmer

Burlington Colorado

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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