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Black Hawk Business Directory, 1871

The first discoverers of gold in the mountains were the first citizens of Black Hawk. The growth of this town, and the portion of Central known as Mountain City, were simultaneous, and in the fall of 1859 their population was numbered by thousands. We have gathered data of many interesting incidents attending the early settlement of these rich mining localities. Read more... Black Hawk Gazetteer or Black Hawk History


Bradley S. H. Gregory
Marsh Alvin, Clear Creek


Cowenhoven 11. P. Perigo Mining Company
Congdon Geo. E. Blackhawk Gold Mining Company
Wells B. F. Smith & Parmelee Gold Company


Rhoads A. G. Gregory

Barbers and Hair Dressers

Cook John, Main
Miller John C. Gregory
Roch Wm. Main
Walden F. R.

Beer Halls

Burkhart J. O. Gregory

Billiard Halls

Oyler T. G. Gregory
Steinle Chas. Gregory


Conner R. H. Gregory
Chisholm Thos. Gregory
Chaney R. R. Main
Graham P. D, Main
Jones Geo.
Lane Dennis
Phillip, M. Main

Boarding Houses

Feehan Walter, Gregory
Phillips M. Main
Simpson Mrs. Chase gulch

Boots and Shoes

Rudolph F. A. Gregory


Hamlek John J. Main
Hicks C. D. Main
Wells C. W. Maia
Wells E, W. Main

Carpenters and Builders

Ballard John B. Gregory
Corcoran M. J.
Hupper Elias
Mosley & Ballard, Gregory
Mosley R. W, Gregory
McCarroll Robt. Main
Shock David D.
Strack David
Scott Geo.
Scott Wm.
Steele O. L. Main
Woodbury B. Gregory
Woodbury John

Druggists and Chemists

Orahood & Nesmith
Seiwell Ed. A.

Dry Goods

Reitmaster & Pelton, Gregory


Beadle Chas.
Boylan John, Main
Childs A. J.
Cochran J.
Freeman John
Fallon Thos. Main
Gladdeng Oscar
Holmes Benj.
Malstrom Chas. Gregory
Matleck Wm. Gregory
Miller Jacob, Main
O'Brien James
Reynolds Chas.
Scanlon James
Stewart Thos. H,
Smith Fred.
Smith Alonzo C. Clear
Wheeler H.
Wilson W. II.
Walter _____
Wain Wm.

Engineer (Mining)

Nesmith J. W.

Fruit and Confectionery

Farven Samuel, Gregory
Vosburg H. C. Gregory


Langford A. G. proprietor, Main

Groceries and Provisions

Allebough & Son, Gregory
Cowenhoven H. P. Gregory
Havens Chas. W. corner Main and Gregory
Kelly Thomas, Main

General Merchants

Barker W. J.
Crisman & Fitzpatrick, Gregory
Fitzpatrick J. B. Chase gulch
Holstein Geo. B. Gregory
Kelly John, Main
Krigbaum J. F.
Lesher J. P.
Morgan Sam'l B. Chase gulch
Newby Wm. L. Gregory
Reitmaster Alex. Gregory
Sanddowsky B. Gregory
Schuyler J. C. Main
Woodbury James, Main
Woodbury Charles, Main


Areadian House
Mountain House
Pennsylvania House
St. Charles

Livery, Feed and Sale Stables

Germain William, Gregory
Germain Hector, Gregory
Penisten G. L. Main

Lumber Dealer

Tyler C. M. Clear Creek


O'Brien James, Main
Pardee A. B. Main
Strehle George, Chase gulch


Beiger Herman, Main
Behr A. Dr.
Sherman Chas. E. Silver gulch

Mining Operators

Abbe William A. Main
Bruce J. C. Chase gulch
Becker T. H. Chase gulch
Dubois H. A.
Henderson E. W. Chase gulch


Boyland John
Blasely K. W.
Backus George B. Jr. Main
Chaplin James L.
Chaplin A. B.
Chaplin J. W.
Caddon John, Main
Donelly John, Main
Dunlap John C. Main
Elliot Conrad, Chase gulch
Fitzsimmons George
Fellows Noah, Main
Ferron John, Main
Fanderberk John
Fallon Edward, Main
Grant James
Hicks Samuel
Holmes Benjamin
Hunter James, Main
Hamilton Thomas, Clear Creek
Kelly John, Main
Knabb Amos, Main
Lewis Martin
Larson Nelson
Ledford Sanford
Ledford Abraham
Matlock W.
McGinn Thomas
McGraw John
Miley M. W.
Mitchell Frank
Morrison John
Norworthy W. G. Main
Rooley Charles
Ripley William
Rennie George W. Main
Stevens Robert
Smetzer G. W. Main
Stancey H. Main
Sights S. B. Main
Temple Edwin
Umstead George
Walker Charles, Main

Milliner and Dressmaker

Newby William Mrs. Gregory


O'Brien James
Preston John, Chase gulch
Squires J. S. Gregory


Orpen Edward, Main

Notary Public

Backus G. B.

News Agent and Dealer Stationery

Farven Samuel, Gregory


Clark Robert A. Mrs. Gregory

Physicians and Surgeons

Garrott E.
Lincoln S. W.


Britton & Powell, Gregory
McLouth A. J. Main
McLouth Louis, Main
Powell S. J. Mrs. Gregory


Johnson A. C. Main
Oyler T. J. Gregory
Steinle Gottlieb, Gregory
Tucker William, Main

Saddles and Harness (Dealers in)

McLaughlin William, Gregory
Shellabarger W. M. Gregory


Sullivan John M. Main
Theis John, Gregory
Tibbett George, Gregory

Wood Dealer

Nugent James, Chase gulch

Wines and Liquors (Dealers in)

Allebough & Son, Gregory
Allebough N. S. Gregory
Allebough O. C. Gregory

Black Hawk Gazetteer | Black Hawk History

Rocky Mountain Directory & Colorado Gazetteer

Source: Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, 1871, S. S. Wallihan & Company, Compilers and Publishers, Denver, 1870.


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